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How To Capture The Benefits of Microservice Design

Microservices hold great promise, but complexity hinders adoption

Methodologies like DevOps are making developers and architects reimagine the way apps are designed and written, leading to the natural adoption of microservices.

App design now dictates platform requirements—not the other way around. Many teams are opting to break out microservices rather than add features to an existing monolith. But beware: while microservices allow for flexible implementation, easy scaling, and faster app delivery, they can become far too complex to manage if not handled correctly.

In the Forrester report, “How To Capture The Benefits Of Microservice Design,” adopters reveal the incremental steps they took to create an efficient, flexible microservices architecture—and how they controlled and minimized complexity while doing it.

Download the report to learn:

  • The three phases of successful microservices adoption
  • The six major advantages of using microservices
  • The four potential pitfalls of adopting microservices and how to overcome them

Get the Forrester report now, and discover the pragmatic approach successful adopters used to gain the benefits of microservice design.

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