4 tips for quickly building and scaling apps with Kubernetes

1  Reduce operational complexity

Simplifying your operational environment lets developers quickly and consistently build and scale applications. Consider:

  • Using an application platform that provides a common, consistent operational model across on-premise and cloud environments to run both existing and cloud-native applications, and integrate new technologies with less effort. This improves efficiency by lowering operational staffing dependencies and reduces integration bottlenecks.
  • Using a public cloud environment that offers global availability, allowing you to host applications in a variety of regions and extend your corporate network. You can adapt to changing demand by automatically provisioning and retiring resources as needed. A network of geographically dispersed availability zones and transit centers can provide reliability without increasing latency.
  • Looking for a jointly managed application platform that is easily accessed on demand from a central console and is designed, operated, and maintained according to proven best practices.
  • Selecting a certified platform that is fully managed and is backed by 24/7 specialized site reliability engineering global support. This reduces security and compliance risk by protecting your applications and environment. 

Red Hat® OpenShift® Service on AWS simplifies your operational environment, so you can save time and resources otherwise spent managing the underlying platform and infrastructure.

2  Focus on speed and innovation

Operational complexity slows delivery and hampers innovation. A study by the Harvard Business Review reports that 86% of organizations believe complexity hinders growth in a digital economy and almost half say their IT systems cannot respond quickly enough to deliver innovative business models or processes. You can provide a better environment for developers by:

  • Using automation and self-service capabilities to help you shift workloads to a cloud environment more easily, deploy applications in minutes, and quickly scale as needed across cloud environments and locations. This lets your developers focus on building differentiated products instead of managing infrastructure.
  • Allowing them to use the tools and languages they are most comfortable using and giving them access to the latest technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML).
  • Constructing a consistent, cloud-native experience across multiple environments. Scale up your applications during traffic spikes or allocate capacity ahead of time.
  • Deploy clusters across multiple availability zones to maximize availability. This allows your IT organization to respond to rapidly changing business needs.
  • Focusing your development staff on high-value innovation and the delivery of new applications and technologies to meet the business needs of your customers. 

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS helps you focus on your core business, innovate faster, and deliver value to your customers.

3  Streamline costs

Container management can be a considerable cost for organizations, sometimes requiring up to 50% of an engineer's time. Here are some ways to lower costs while boosting developer and operations staff efficiency: 

  • Reduce downtime with proactive monitoring and preventive remediation action with global support staff, and reduce having to retrain or hire staff.
  • Choose a platform that allows developers to launch and deploy cloud services without leaving the platform interface. 
  • Look for a platform that lets you run and manage applications consistently anywhere across environments. 
  • Pick a cloud service to simplify deployment and operations so you can reallocate internal IT resources to other valuable activities. 
  • A pay-as-you-go model lets you pay for only the instances you use and is reflected on your balance sheet as an OpEx expense. 

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS helps you reduce costs while building and scaling applications with confidence. 

4  Choose the right platform

The right enterprise-grade application development and Kubernetes platform can help deliver applications faster, maximize your digital investments, and transform your business, as it: 

  • Contains self-service capabilities to allow your developers to quickly create portable applications on demand, with the tools and languages they are most comfortable using.
  • Delivers a hybrid Kubernetes platform that supports existing and cloud-ready applications. It provides additional tools out of the box, including container image repositories, monitoring solutions, and prescriptive security, to accelerate development and deployment. 
  • Offers unified billing and pay-as-you-go or annual pricing, to ease management and maximize budget.
  • Supports cloud-native services like analytics, AI/ML, and application services, so you can turn your valuable business data into a competitive advantage.

OpenShift Service on AWS is a comprehensive application development platform for building and deploying container-based applications that can help simplify and revolutionize the way you do business.

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