Boost Microsoft SQL Server performance with AWS and Red Hat

Data powers digital business
Organizations use data to run applications, inform processes, and gain insight. To support these initiatives, applications and users need fast, reliable, secure access to the right data at all times. However, legacy infrastructure cannot cost-effectively deliver the performance and scalability needed to achieve these goals.

Together, Red Hat and AWS offer a proven, scalable, and consistent hybrid cloud foundation for Microsoft SQL Server workloads. With this integrated solution, you can boost database performance, reduce costs, and prepare for future change.

Build a consistent database foundation with Red Hat and AWS

The integrated Red Hat® and AWS solution brings together three key elements:

  • Microsoft SQL Server is a feature-rich enterprise database management system that supports Microsoft Windows, Linux®, and container platforms.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides an intelligent, stable, and security-focused foundation for modern, agile business operations. It is the reference development and test platform for the Standard and Enterprise editions of Microsoft SQL Server on Linux. Microsoft fully supports running SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • AWS delivers cloud-based, security-focused, resizable compute capacity for workloads and applications through a globally distributed network of datacenters.

With the Red Hat and AWS solution, you can deploy new Microsoft SQL Server workloads in a flexible, cost-efficient cloud environment and migrate existing workloads over time to meet digital business needs.

Consolidate workloads onto a consistent foundation

Red Hat Enterprise Linux and AWS provide a consistent hybrid cloud foundation for running essential business workloads. This foundation unifies operations, streamlines processes, and delivers dependable performance across your entire organization.  AWS Availability Zones and the Red Hat Enterprise Linux High Availability Add-On provide increased reliability and automated failover for critical workloads. 

Simplify procurement, provisioning, and management by deploying the complete solution directly from the AWS Marketplace. Or bring your own Microsoft SQL Server licenses and Red Hat subscriptions to AWS for more deployment flexibility.

Red Hat and AWS streamline support for your Microsoft SQL Server deployment. Amazon seamlessly coordinates issue response and resolution for Microsoft SQL Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux instances purchased from the Amazon Marketplace. 

Reduce database costs

The Red Hat and AWS solution can help you reduce your database costs. Eliminate the need for costly overprovisioning and let you pay only for the cloud resources you use with on-demand instances. Deploy new instances for intermittent workloads and decommission them once the task is completed. Right-size your deployment and optimize costs with expert resources from AWS. Finally, simplify procurement processes with on-demand instances that combine all charges from AWS, Red Hat, and Microsoft into a single invoice.

Boost database performance

Running Microsoft SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and AWS can help you improve database performance. Autoscalable, on-demand resources ensure your Microsoft SQL Server performance is never constrained by a lack of resources. Select from a wide range of preconfigured instances that are optimized for memory, performance, and I/O to tailor the performance of your applications. Connect these instances to your applications in minutes — with minimal configuration. Provision instances with either standard Amazon Elastic Block Storage (Amazon EBS) volumes or transaction-focused Amazon EBS Provisioned IOPS (input/output operations per second) volumes to align with your performance needs. And gain predictive analytics and guided remediation for potential performance issues with Red Hat Insights, included with all active Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions.

Improve database environment agility

The Red Hat and AWS solution can help you boost database and business agility. Quickly and cost-effectively scale instances in alignment with fluctuations in demand. Dynamically change the compute and storage resources applied to Microsoft SQL Server instances and adjust their tuning with included management tools.

Scale compute and memory resources up to a maximum of 448 logical processors and 24TB of RAM to meet production database demands. Create read replicas to elastically scale out to multiple database instances for read-intensive workloads. You can also scale out globally using the Multi-AZ deployment option, which maintains synchronous standby replicas of your database in multiple AWS Availability Zones.

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Red Hat and AWS help you maximize the value of your Microsoft SQL Server deployment with efficient resource use, improved manageability, and lower overall costs. Learn more about the Red Hat and AWS solution for SQL Server at and