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A hybrid and multicloud strategy for solution architects


The advantages of the public cloud are compelling, and digital transformation and cloud initiatives are expanding rapidly. The elasticity, scalability, and speed of deploying applications in the public cloud can contribute directly to an organization’s ability to meet business goals , reduce costs, all while managing rapid change and data growth. Moving to the hybrid or public cloud, however, can present challenges:

  • Architects need to understand the technical, business, and ecosystem differences between cloud providers, appreciating variations in terminology, customer life cycle, required skills, and costs.
  • Organizations need to transition smoothly from existing datacenter environments without being restricted to the offerings of a single cloud provider or becoming encumbered by unnecessary cloud vendor lock-in.
  • To support productive developers and operations, organizations must choose the right hybrid cloud platforms and tooling while ensuring availability, reliability, and security for the long term. For instance, DevOps and DevSecOps tools and workflows can boost productivity and quality.

With a proven track record creating reliable enterprise products around innovative open source projects, Red Hat is an ideal partner to help ease and accelerate your move to the cloud. We offer a comprehensive infrastructure platform that enables on-demand deployment of compute, storage, and networking across on-premise and public multicloud resources. Red Hat’s hybrid cloud platform offers a consistent user experience for operations and developers, giving them:

  • The ability to rapidly scale on-premise infrastructure to the public cloud.
  • Portability of resources across hybrid clouds and between cloud providers.
  • Familiar Red Hat® tools for lift-and-shift app migration and cloud-native app development.

Deploy familiar Red Hat environments and tools in the cloud

Despite its advantages, the public cloud can represent an unfamiliar world, with infrastructure, management, and automation that are often quite different from what organizations use in their own datacenters. These aspects can also vary significantly among various cloud providers, requiring different experiential skills. Once applications and operations are designed and coded to run on a particular cloud provider, it also can be challenging to move workloads to another public cloud or bring them back to on-premise infrastructure, creating lock-in.

Red Hat’s approach is to provide the same familiar (and certified) environment and tools on-premise and in the cloud, capitalizing on existing skills while offering access to new cloud-specific development and deployment models. Red Hat offers access to an integrated suite of open source software that combines a container- and Kubernetes-based application development platform, virtual machines (VMs), and serverless functions. The software includes:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform for a reliable and scalable operating system foundation.1
  • Red Hat OpenShift®,an enterprise Kubernetes container platform for hybrid cloud and multicloud, optimized to improve developer productivity and promote innovation.
  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage, software-defined storage purpose-built for container environments.
  • Red Hat Insights to proactively identify and remediate threats to security, performance, availability, and stability.
  • Red Hat Middleware to create a unified environment for application development, delivery, integration, and automation.

The resulting environment is massively scalable, with a unified management framework that supports deploying workloads across any cloud environment. This successful approach is reflected in the rapid growth of server operating environments in the cloud, with Linux becoming the foundation for most new cloud services (e.g., containers).2

Move your subscriptions to the cloud

The Red Hat Cloud Access program eases the transition to the cloud by allowing Red Hat product subscriptions to run on certified public cloud providers. Familiarity with trusted Red Hat solutions lets IT organizations move faster as they adopt public cloud solutions and deliver services to the marketplace more quickly. With portable subscriptions, teams can choose the best architecture and infrastructure for their needs, whether in their datacenter or the public cloud.

Pick a cloud, any cloud

While most public cloud vendors provide similar services, there is little standardization between clouds. Even small differences between cloud platforms can cause headaches for operations and developers, costing productivity and restricting agility. Red Hat solves this issue with the Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider (CCSP) program. Red Hat has worked with more than 1,000 program partners to co-engineer and certify Red Hat products on partners’ cloud platform solutions, ensuring that technologies work together. In fact, several CCSPs base their container services on Red Hat OpenShift. Any custom or third-party app that runs on the Red Hat stack runs the same way on a certified public cloud.


Whether you are just getting started lifting and shifting your first application or are pushing forward with cloud-native development, Red Hat can help you accelerate on your path to embracing hybrid and multicloud environments. Red Hat offers a consistent application platform that provides security and reliability, no matter where the application runs. Certified with all of the strategically important public clouds, Red Hat software gives you the freedom to choose the right platform for the right workload, without locking you into the implementation details of a particular public cloud. The Red Hat Cloud Access program is a free benefit of certain Red Hat products, allowing you to use your Red Hat subscriptions on Red Hat CCSPs.

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