Red Hat Insights: Predictive analytics for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Product overview: Red Hat Insights

As existing workloads evolve and deployments grow in size and complexity, security and operational risk management is a key challenge for IT and security teams. To succeed, teams need to rapidly deploy new environments, ensure that systems scale reliably, and operate with good visibility into their security and compliance postures.  

Now included in Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® subscriptions, Red Hat Insights helps customers benefit from Red Hat experience and technical knowledge. It is a single, consistent tool for analyzing Red Hat Enterprise Linux running across both hybrid cloud and on-premise infrastructures. This offering makes it easier to identify, prioritize, and resolve risks before business operations are affected. Users can proactively detect issues, deeply analyze configurations, gain visibility into the security and compliance posture, and prescribe remediations. Red Hat Insights also enables internal policies to be defined and monitored, as well as comparing systems against baselines, histories, and other systems to manage complexity and expedite troubleshooting. Provided as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, Red Hat Insights delivers Red Hat expertise when and where you need it with ongoing analysis.  

When it comes to taking action, Red Hat offers solutions that help you automate and remediate across a large IT estate. Add Red Hat Smart Management as an additional part of the solution to gain push-button and at-scale remediation of identified risks from within Insights. This supports risk resolution in cloud and on-premise deployments of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Playbooks can also be downloaded and orchestrated with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform. Together these products are a modern, integrated solution that support security, compliance, and operational risk management, with automated resolution across hybrid environments.  

Benefits of Red Hat Insights

Only Red Hat provides this depth and breadth of analysis for Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments—including granular risk assessments—to help teams prioritize and focus their attention where it is most needed. Operational efficiency and security visibility are improved when teams are armed with the right tools and information. This leaves time for higher value projects.

Predictive I.T. Analytics

Gain comprehensive analytics across physical, virtual, private, and public cloud environments with a single management tool. Know about vulnerabilities before they affect your environment.

Automated remediation

Quickly take action to resolve critical operations and  security risks using Ansible® Playbooks.

Automated expert assessment

Gain visibility into hybrid environments to identify and fix potential outages and issues in advance.

Rapid time to value

Deploy and scale quickly without additional infrastructure requirements. Teams can immediately initiate tailored remediation steps to avoid downtime and optimize security.

Minimize human error

Mitigate security threats with tailored, easy-to-follow remediation steps. 

Features Benefits

Ongoing, in-depth analysis for security, compliance and configurations in an easy-to-consume SaaS model

  • Gain a complete analysis of Red Hat infrastructure to resolve problems before they affect operations.
  • Detect security, compliance, performance, availability, and stability  weaknesses to stay ahead of threats. Streamline application performance and maximize system uptime.

Comparison and custom policy capabilities  

  • Compare Red Hat environments to baselines, histories, each other, and to Red Hat product advisories to determine applicability. 
  • Define and monitor for internal requirements with alerting.
  • Save time in troubleshooting and help manage complexity and maintainability with analytics-driven processes.

Single management tool for Red Hat Enterprise Linux on cloud and on-premise 

  • Simplify management of Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based applications deployed on-premise (virtual and bare metal), on public clouds, or on private clouds.  
  • Help ensure smooth operations within complex deployment models.
Analysis rules that support Red Hat Enterprise Linux in context
  • Help ensure that risk identification is more comprehensive and in context of the broader application environment. 
  • Help avoid operational impacts with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the workloads running on it.
Expertise from Red Hat’s technical Knowledgebase
  • Resolve problems quickly with Red Hat expertise that comes from years of helping customers resolve  threats and configuration issues. 
  • Avoid costly downtime by proactively resolving issues.
Automated remediation with Ansible Playbooks
  • Quickly and cost-effectively resolve identified risks, including critical ones. 
  • Benefit from automated remediation that translates insights into action.
Clear, tailored, step-by-step remediation
  • Avoid complexity with easy-to-follow issue resolution steps. 
  • Identify, prioritize, and assign remediation tasks to single or multiple systems for faster response. 
  • Minimize risk for understaffed operations teams with tailored and verified solutions.
Built-in usability features to get going quickly and stay running
  • Stay informed about continuous enhancements through in-application announcements and share feedback.
  • Use the intuitive dashboard to get started and continue using Insights regularly at any skill level.
  • Consult topic areas that curate analytics rules to see how Insights supports a specific area, such as a workload.
Comprehensive risk assessment
  • Focus your team’s time on issues that help reduce risk the most,  using a total risk assessment that combines probability risk, issue impact and the risk of change, e.g., quick versus a planned fix.

Supported platforms

Red Hat Insights provides proactive analytics and remediation steps for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 and later versions. 

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