Intel and Red Hat AI developer program

Red Hat and Intel: Your strategic partners for data science

Intel and Red Hat are working together to provide enterprise artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) solutions to our joint customers. We are committed to providing high-performance AI/ML solutions to help our customers gain a competitive advantage and to providing data scientists and developers the tools and knowledge they need to develop and deploy intelligent applications in less time.

We believe the future of AI is open, hybrid, and will extend to the edge. Let’s make this future a reality—together.

Red Hat OpenShift Data Science 

Red Hat® OpenShift® Data Science is a fully managed cloud service that gives data scientists and developers a powerful AI/ML platform for building intelligent applications. 

It combines the self-service data scientists and developers want, with the confidence enterprise IT demands—in one common platform.

Having a trusted foundation reduces friction throughout the life cycle—from a powerful sandbox to experiment, to a broad ecosystem of certified tools, to familiar workflows for collaboration. 

Red Hat OpenShift Data Science helps teams get intelligent applications into the market in less time, where they can deliver the greatest value to the business.

Explore Red Hat OpenShift Data Science or try OpenShift Data Science in the sandbox. You can also watch the webinar, Building a streamlined platform for Enterprise AI.

Red Hat and Intel technologies for AI/ML

Red Hat OpenShift Data Science makes it easy for data scientists to use familiar tools or tap into a growing technology partner ecosystem for deeper AL/ML expertise. Intel’s integrated AI portfolio helps you harness the power of hardware acceleration and get accurate, real world results more efficiently.

Intel AI Analytics Toolkit 

Accelerate your model training using Intel’s AI Analytics Toolkit (AI Kit). Minimal code changes to your notebooks give you drop-in accelerations for CPU intensive packages like TensorFlow, PyTorch, Pandas, scikit-learn, and  XGBoost.

Learn more about Intel AI Analytics Toolkit:

Intel OpenVINO 

Build your models using Red Hat OpenShift Data Science and tailor them to the intended runtime environment using OpenVINO. OpenVINO optimizes model inference for deployments on Intel hardware. Sending your model to an edge device with modest resources? No problem. Optimize for performance by reducing precision with minimal changes to accuracy using OpenVINO.

Learn more about OpenVINO: 

Try Intel OpenVINO today. 


Habana is an Intel company that delivers purpose-built, deep learning (DL) accelerators. Take advantage of their Gaudi device for cost-effective, high-performance DL workflows. 

Habana and Red Hat OpenShift will deliver accelerated compute to our customers later this year. 

Learn more about Habana at  

Red Hat OpenShift Data Science is an enterprise MLOps platform built from open source software. Customers can extend these capabilities even further using later this year. 

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AI/ML and edge computing

Our sandbox gives data scientists an environment to explore Red Hat OpenShift Data Science and Intel’s AI/ML software suite at no cost. Explore how Red Hat OpenShift Data Science and Intel tooling accelerates your AI/ML and MLOps workflows. From there, you can use tools like OpenVINO to optimize your model for performance at the network edge.

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