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Red Hat Middleware Core Services Collection datasheet

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Red Hat® Middleware® Core Services Collection provides components that increase the value of Red Hat Middleware products by enhancing manageability, security, scalability, and interoperability. Select and deploy the core services that satisfy your use cases—including load balancing, identification and authorization, high availability, or configuration management and monitoring. Entitlement to the collection and support for the components comes with most Red Hat Middleware subscriptions. The components are tested with Middleware product releases and each component has a defined support life cycle to enable effective long-term planning and alignment across your middleware deployments.

Red Hat Middleware Core Services Collection includes the following components:

  • Apache HTTP server
  • Internet information services (IIS) connector
  • iPlanet connector
  • Red Hat Operations Network
  • Single sign-on (SSO) server
  • Apache Commons Jsvc

Red Hat Middleware subscribers receive full support for Red Hat Middleware Core Services Collection, including online and phone support, updates, patches, and security fixes.


Red Hat Middleware Core Services Collection provides essential capabilities needed by most enterprise applications. Red Hat Middleware Core Services Collection makes it convenient and easy to build applications without having to source a wide array of components at no additional cost. You have the flexibility to build applications to meet your requirements, using whichever Red Hat Middleware Core Services Collection components are appropriate for your use case.

Red Hat tests and certifies each  Core Services Collection component with all Red Hat Middleware products and provides updates, patches, and security fixes as needed. Deploy the latest versions of each component and upgrade versions on your own schedule, knowing that each version will be fully supported for at least three years as described by the Red Hat Middleware support policy.


A Red Hat Middleware Core Services Collection subscription conveys full support entitlements for the following:

Red Hat Operations Network server

Red Hat Operations Network servers provide centralized management for Red Hat Middleware products. Red Hat Operations Network servers report status and accept configuration requests by interfacing with other Red Hat Middleware products. Red Hat Operations Network also enables operators to manage middleware from a single view, regardless of where each product is installed.

Learn more about Red Hat Operations Network by visiting: https://www.redhat.com/en/technologies/jboss-middleware/operations-network

Apache HTTP server

Apache HTTP server, the world’s most-used web server, is often deployed to handle incoming web requests for applications running on Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) or other Red Hat Middleware products.

IIS connector

For customers who prefer to use Microsoft IIS as the web server for a Red Hat Middleware installation, the IIS connector provides a straightforward mechanism to reliably route high volumes of web traffic between IIS and middleware applications.

iPlanet connector

For customers who prefer to use Oracle iPlanet Web Server as the web server for a Red Hat Middleware installation, the iPlanet connector provides a straightforward mechanism to reliably route high volumes of web traffic between iPlanet and middleware applications.

SSO server

The SSO server, derived from the Keycloak project, enables you to secure your web applications and provide SSO capabilities using popular standards such as SAML 2.0, OpenID Connect, and OAuth 2.0. The server features user authentication with enterprise credentials stored in Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) servers or Microsoft Active Directory. It can also act as an identity broker, interfacing with another SSO provider or a cloud-based identity provider such as a social network. It includes easy-to-use REST application programming interfaces (APIs). Through the server’s administration user interface, you can specify user federation, create role mappings, register client applications, and more. The SSO server is straightforward to integrate with applications deployed on JBoss EAP.

Apache Commons Jsvc

Apache Commons Jsvc provides a portable means of starting and stopping a Java™ virtual machine that is running server-side applications on Linux®. It’s widely used to wrap Java applications to be automatically started on a server and restarted automatically after a failure. In a Red Hat Middleware deployment, Jsvc is often used to start, stop, and monitor JBoss EAP applications.


Each component in the Red Hat Middleware Core Services Collection is released on an independent schedule. At any one time there may be several supported versions of each component, and it’s the responsibility of the subscriber to ensure that the versions deployed are compatible with the versions of the middleware products they’re supporting. Compatibility between Red Hat Middleware Core Services Collection components and Red Hat Middleware products is described in the products’ supported configurations page on Red Hat Customer Portal.


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