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Red Hat Learning Subscription Enterprise

Last Updated: November 7, 2019

Rapid skills transformation for large teams

Digital transformation is skills transformation. Up-to-date technical skills are required to implement and manage emerging technology solutions, and accelerating in-house innovation cycles requires regular training. Without an ongoing investment in updating skills, organizations lose approximately 60% of their capabilities in just three years.

Red Hat® Learning Subscription Enterprise is a scalable and comprehensive learning solution for large organizations seeking ongoing training for a large number of users on Red Hat technologies. With Red Hat Learning Subscription Enterprise, you get:

  • Access to all Red Hat Training courses, along with hands-on labs.
  • On-demand access, worldwide, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • No prerequisite level of expertise, allowing your teams to build their skills regardless of experience.
  • An interactive, intuitive learning interface that helps users and managers easily track progress toward training and certification goals.

Red Hat Training produces real results

A recent IDC study found that participating in Red Hat Training delivered a number of enterprise benefits, including:1

  • Three-year return on investment (ROI) of 389%.
  • 20% efficiency improvements in infrastructure management.
  • 12% faster development of new features.
  • 71% less unplanned downtime.
  • 36% efficiency improvements in help desk response and 50% faster resolution of issues when they occur.
  • Annual business impact of US$53,422 per student.

The right Red Hat Training solution for large teams

With Red Hat Learning Subscription Enterprise, implementation and management are simple, and training dollars are stretched for maximum benefit. A fast, simple onboarding process allows users to get started with their learning quickly, and comprehensive reporting capabilities provide streamlined operational control and tracking for managers. Also, the enterprise bundle option offers significant cost savings. Priced approximately 70% less than individual subscriptions, Red Hat Learning Subscription Enterprise lets three employees acquire technical skills for less than the price of one individual subscription.

Additional savings result from the ability to accommodate a large numbers of users without the cost of travel and time away from work.

Red Hat Learning Subscription Enterprise is purchased as a bundle of 100 individual standard or basic subscriptions, which helps you plan and budget for training with one predictable, annual subscription.

Table 1. Red Hat Learning Subscription tier comparison


Self-paced access to more than 50 courses

Early access

400 hours of cloud-based labs

10 e-book downloads

Learning paths

Everything in basic plus:

Expert extras

5 certification exams and 2 retakes

Expert chat



Get started

Red Hat Learning Subscription Enterprise provides the critical skills training your IT teams need in one flexible, economical, easy-to-manage solution.

Visit the Red Hat Learning Subscription product page for more information and to view a full list of courses: red.ht/learning-subscription.

Contact your sales representative to begin the skills transformation journey.