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Simplified migration for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

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Perhaps one of the biggest decisions around an operating system is what to do in life-cycle events such as end-of-support milestones. In these times, the organization must decide to upgrade to a newer version, redeploy the applications or workloads on a fresh installation, or perform an in-place migration. No matter the approach, it is important for organizations to get the level of technical support required and keep applications available so users do not experience downtime. 

Overcome migration challenges

Whether you are upgrading your existing Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® system or converting from a different Linux distribution, Red Hat  Enterprise Linux migration tools mitigate risk and reduce complexity so you can have a smooth experience.

We know migration projects can be time-intensive and that they introduce risks such as potential downtime, application incompatibility, and loss of customizations. Many organizations are concerned about having the resources they need to keep their infrastructure fully operational during the migration and addressing challenges that may arise. That is why Red Hat provides the tools and guidance necessary to overcome those challenges. 

Red Hat Enterprise Linux migration tools streamline the migration experience:

Prepare—Use a premigration analysis to identify potential complications with workloads, configurations, or applications and use guidance on how to proactively remediate issues. Identifying compatibility issues prior to your migration provides the opportunity to mitigate risks and optimize the system and layered applications before upgrading. 

Automate—Implement automated controls to reduce the risk of a migration project and maintain existing configurations, customizations, and preferences. The migration experience is customizable to account for private repositories, custom applications, third-party commercial applications, and more. Not only do the Red Hat Enterprise Linux migration tools require fewer resources, but less manual intervention saves time, money, and ensures reliability at scale.

Migrate—Move to the latest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux quickly with access to full support, the latest updates, as well as all the performance, support, management, and security-focused capabilities that Red Hat Enterprise Linux has to offer.  Whether you have just a few or thousands of systems, Red Hat provides migration options that suit every footprint and size.

Upgrade to the newest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux with Leapp

Red Hat makes it easier to modernize your environment by upgrading to the latest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. For those accustomed to having to fully redeploy in order to upgrade, an in-place upgrade may be a better choice over redeployment because migrations generally preserve customizations and, consequently, reduce risk.

Leapp simplifies the upgrade of your Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment. This new in-place upgrade tool from Red Hat lets customers using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 get to the latest version in less time and with less effort than traditional redeployment projects. Use the preupgrade analysis to ensure compatibility and to remediate any issues. Leapp can then perform the upgrade in minutes, while maintaining your customizations, configurations, and preferences. With Leapp, you get the control, confidence, and freedom you need to streamline your upgrade and start taking advantage of everything the latest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux has to offer.

For customers looking to upgrade from a version prior to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, guidance is provided to help get to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 so that you can use Leapp to get to the latest version.

Convert from other Linux distributions with Convert2RHEL 

As organizations grow, they must evolve their strategy in order to scale their infrastructure. Both free Linux operating systems and paid versions can fall short in delivering the technical support resources and partner ecosystem that is required at scale. Red Hat has now made it much easier to standardize on Red Hat Enterprise Linux by providing Convert2RHEL. 

Convert2RHEL from Red Hat lets you quickly convert other Linux operating systems to fully supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Avoid costly redeployment projects with this streamlined tool that maintains your existing customizations, configurations, and preferences during the migration process. With Convert2RHEL, you have the control, confidence, and freedom you need to migrate quickly and start taking advantage of your Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription.

Let Red Hat simplify your migration experience

If you choose to migrate on your own, we provide excellent guidance and tools for success. You can also engage Red Hat Services to help accelerate your migration. Red Hat experts bring proven knowledge and experience to your migration project. We help you identify and convert key applications and workloads, and we mentor and enable you to continue confidently afterwards. Visit red.ht/consulting to learn more about our approach and to speak to a Red Hat expert.