Red Hat OpenShift API Management

Organizations are increasingly adopting an application programming interface (API)-first approach to building applications and using container management platforms to automate delivery workflow across clouds. At the same time, they are under pressure to provide developers with a streamlined experience that allows teams to modernize and deliver applications faster, and executives want visibility into the health, profitability, and security of their digital business.

The leading Kubernetes platform, Red Hat® OpenShift®, combined with Red Hat OpenShift API Management provides the foundation for delivering and managing modern applications. Red Hat hosts and manages these services, allowing teams to focus on application development and modernization rather than creating, updating, and administering their container infrastructure. The result is efficiently delivered strategic applications combined with provisioning, policy, and more security facilities in the same cloud-native pipeline.

Accelerate time to value and reduce operational costs

Red Hat OpenShift API Management, when added to Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated, provides a streamlined developer experience for building, deploying, and scaling cloud-native, integrated applications. The combination of enterprise-grade Kubernetes, an API-first approach to application development, and managed operations allows teams to focus on core competencies, accelerate time to value, and reduce operational costs.

Accelerate time to value and reduce operational costs with Red Hat OpenShift API Management

Agile approach to cloud-native development: API-first, microservices-based application development allows organizations to easily reuse existing assets and create modern applications.

Faster time to value: Teams can begin developing quickly with a consistent and integrated set of developer-friendly managed services that allow teams to digest modern technology quickly and easily.

Platform is integrated: The service runs natively on Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated, delivering a unified solution and freeing organizations from managing their Kubernetes infrastructure so they can focus on core competencies.

Table 1. Red Hat OpenShift API Management features

Key features Description
Create effective policies governing security and usage Deploy API management policies in DevOps pipelines with the business logic.
Integrated single sign-on Includes an identity management system that can be federated with existing systems and uses a declarative interface that can be configured without custom code.
Gain insight into health of APIs Track and understand the use, overuse, underuse, and abuse of APIs.
Discover and share Publish APIs to internal or external portals where developers can learn, test, and collaborate.

Red Hat manages the services

Red Hat OpenShift API Management is a fully hosted and managed service so organizations can focus valuable resources on developing applications that build the business.

Red Hat takes responsibility for ensuring service uptime, 99.95% availability service level agreement (SLA) and 24x7 support, maintenance of the software, and a seamless user experience. A dedicated professional team will manage the infrastructure including clusters and service configuration, maintenance, upgrades, and security features. 

Self-service: Immediate access to development environments

Red Hat OpenShift API Management allows developers to get a fully managed environment in minutes, configured to meet their needs in a public cloud. Seamless and convenient access empowers developers and increases productivity.

Built for the hybrid cloud

Red Hat supports our customers’ journeys to the cloud, with Red Hat OpenShift serving as a consistent hybrid cloud foundation for building and running containerized applications for long-term innovation. 

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Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated

Fully managed OpenShift offering on Amazon Web Services (AWS) operated by Red Hat.