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Red Hat Open Innovation Labs virtual residency




With increased focus on business resilience and the need for continuity, customers see the need to establish the capability to run application development in a virtual setting and establish remote team culture. Red Hat has the expertise to deliver those solutions. 

Michael Walker, Global Director, Red Hat Open Innovation Labs, explains, “Open source communities have decades of experience in collaborating remotely to build innovative new software. The Open Innovation Labs virtual residency provides the opportunity to work side by side with Red Hatters in a virtual environment. With cross-functional collaboration, we rapidly establish a high-performing, fully distributed team that has learned to build innovative software and achieve measurable business outcomes with Red Hat.”

Whether customers need new ways to maintain or scale their business, increase developer productivity, or innovate faster, the Red Hat Open Innovation Labs virtual residency is how we help organizations come together, innovate and learn, use open technology, and continue to deliver business value. 

Virtual residency overview

The Red Hat Open Innovation Labs virtual residency is a time-boxed and immersive engagement that equips customer teams with the open source tools — and open source-inspired practices — to build an application prototype and deliver business value rapidly and iteratively. The virtual residency emphasizes the cultural practices that have defined successful open source — and by default — distributed communities for decades: collaboration, community, inclusivity, adaptability, and transparency to help build successful remote team culture. 

In a virtual residency environment, we work with customers to: 

  • Cocreate innovative and business-critical software: Rapidly build prototypes, adopt DevOps, be agile from day 1 using a prewired infrastructure. 
  • Immerse your team: Work side by side in a virtual environment with experts to ensure successful usage and adoption of open source tools and open practices to deliver business value. 
  • Establish new ways of working: Bring modern application development methods to your team drawn from and inspired by proven practices in the Open Practice Library
  • Thrive in an uncertain environment: We introduce tools and technology to create high-performing teams who may be challenged in a virtual environment.

Virtual residency in brief

Key characteristics Virtual residency

6-12 weeks
Team commitment and composition 3-6 full-time customer residents working flexibly governed by mutually agreed upon rules (The Social Contract helps facilitate this)
Target outcomes

Increased learning from applying open practices in a remote culture that can be used for future product development and transferred to colocated development 

Prototype application on Red Hat OpenShift®

To learn how we are working with customers to deliver business value in a remote setting, please visit