Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated

Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated: Managed Kubernetes frees your teams to innovate

Building and managing a container and Kubernetes environment yourself can be difficult, as many IT organizations lack the skills and staff needed to maintain their environment internally. Others prefer to focus on application development and modernization rather than creating, updating, and administering their container infrastructure.

Built by open source leaders, Red Hat® OpenShift® is a leading enterprise Kubernetes platform. Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated is a managed application platform hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP). With OpenShift Dedicated, innovators can focus on what matters most, stay competitive, and outpace rising customer expectations without worrying about managing the underlying infrastructure.

Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated simplifies Kubernetes with expert management and support

OpenShift Dedicated is an enterprise Kubernetes application development platform professionally operated and supported by Red Hat, hosted on AWS or GCP, and dedicated to a single customer. It helps organizations deliver more value to their customers by creating innovative applications, not managing infrastructure and tools. OpenShift Dedicated manages and integrates a Red Hat Enterprise Linux® operating system, container runtime, networking, monitoring, container registry, authentication, and authorization solutions. OpenShift Dedicated reduces operational complexity and offers a streamlined developer experience, allowing organizations to confidently build and scale applications across cloud providers that add more value to the business while Red Hat manages the rest.

Key benefits

  • Shorten development life cycle by 70%1
  • Improve operational efficiency by 50%1
  • Private, high availability Red Hat OpenShift clusters hosted on Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform
  • Focus on your business with a managed service by Red Hat
  • Give developers the tools and resources to innovate
  • Reduce operational overhead with 24x7 support and a 99.95% service-level agreement (SLA)

Figure 1. OpenShift Dedicated architecture overview

*Learn more about Red Hat OpenShift site reliability engineers, who proactively manage cluster lifecycling, scaling, security patching, incident response, and more.

Features and benefits of OpenShift Dedicated

Managed from infrastructure to daily operations

  • Expertly managed infrastructure: Our proven and experienced global site reliability engineering (SRE) team is available 24x7 and proactively manages the cluster life cycle, infrastructure configuration, scaling, maintenance, security patching, and incident response, letting your teams focus on delivering value to your customers. 
  • Get started quickly with self-service: Deploy applications in minutes and quickly scale as needed across cloud providers and geographies. You can deploy a cluster and networking configurations to scale when needed.
  • Supporting security and compliance at scale: OpenShift Dedicated is compliant with ISO 27001, PCI DSS, SOC 2 Type 2, and HIPAA. Strong processes and security controls are aligned with industry standards to manage information security.
  • High uptime: OpenShift Dedicated comes with a 99.95% availability SLA and 24x7 SRE support by phone or chat.
  • Established container technology: OpenShift Dedicated has implemented the latest container technology and open source standards, including support for Kubernetes Operators.

Give developers the tools to innovate

  • Automated workflows: A source-to-image (S2I) process places source code into ready-to-run container images, letting developers focus on building applications without learning Kubernetes concepts. This streamlined developer experience lets developers see only the information and configurations they care about.
  • Operators: Developers can integrate trusted third-party services throughout the operator framework, allowing for quick installation and frequent, robust updates. 
  • Integrated developer tools: Developers can directly access a rich set of command-line tools, a multidevice web console, and Eclipse-based integrated development environments (IDEs), enabling greater productivity.

Flexible pricing and consumption

  • Use your existing cloud subscription: Use your Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform account to make the most of your existing discounts, or purchase a standard cluster from Red Hat.
  • Consumption-based billing: Add nodes on demand, and ad hoc worker nodes are billed hourly.
  • Global regional availability: Hosting is available in regions supported by Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), including Asia-Pacific, European Union, South America, U.S. East, and U.S. West (excludes China and AWS GovCloud), as well as Google Cloud Platform regions.

Pricing for OpenShift Dedicated

Control plane*

Equivalent to $0.03/hour

Worker nodes CPU**

As low as $0.076/4vCPU/hour
equivalent to $667/year

Financially backed service-level agreement (SLA) 99.95%
Continuous management of updates, security patches, and releases Included
Choice of standard, high-memory, or high-CPU worker nodes Included
Choice of worker node sizes Included
24x7 Red Hat Premium Support from industry-leading site reliability engineering (SRE) team Included
Continuous management of updates, security patches, and releases Included
Monitoring, logging, metrics, service mesh, and CI/CD capabilities Included
Price consistency across available cloud providers and regions Included
API Management—first 100,000 API calls per day at no cost with full production support*** Included
* Pricing is based on a 4vCPU, 3-year contract. Minimum worker node configuration required. Hourly pricing is for illustration purposes, customers are billed annually.
** Hourly consumption is now available through Red Hat Marketplace.
***Red Hat OpenShift API Management is a layered service  available for OpenShift Dedicated. Contact sales for pricing details. Not available for hourly pricing.

Gain flexibility across hybrid cloud environment

Red Hat supports our customers’ journeys to cloud computing with Red Hat OpenShift serving as a consistent hybrid cloud foundation for building and running containerized applications for long-term innovation. Power business transformation and unite your teams on a cost-effective, single platform to quickly deliver the exceptional experiences your customers expect, anywhere they are.

Power your cloud computing journey with OpenShift Dedicated

Red Hat OpenShift meets the needs of IT teams and application developers alike, by automating operations through a more secure and efficient process while freeing developers to be productive doing application development. Get started quickly with OpenShift Dedicated—optimized for performance, scalability, and more security across every major public cloud provider, allowing your teams to focus on building and scaling applications that add more value to the business, go to market faster, and get more from your cloud investment. 

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  1. The Total Economic Impact™ of Red Hat OpenShift Cloud Services, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Red Hat, January 2022.