O’Reilly: Kubernetes Operators: Automating the Container Orchestration Platform

An Operator extends Kubernetes to automate the management of the entire life cycle of a particular application. Operators serve as a packaging mechanism for distributing applications on Kubernetes, and they monitor, maintain, recover, and upgrade the software they deploy. This book’s realistic examples show you how Operators work and how to build them with the Operator Framework and SDK.

  • Learn how to deploy an Operator on a Kubernetes cluster
  • Examine Operators from usage to implementation
  • Explore the Operator Framework: the Operator SDK, Operator Lifecycle Manager, and Operator Metering
  • Build, package, and run an Operator with the SDK's Go programming language support
  • Package and deploy existing Helm and Ansible assets as Operators
  • Learn how to distribute Operators for installation on Kubernetes clusters
  • See how Operators help you implement Site Reliability Engineering practices