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Modernize and migrate to SAP S/4HANA with Red Hat and AWS


Across industries, companies use SAP applications to run their business operations. However, those organizations running SAP applications on databases other than SAP HANA® must migrate to SAP S/4HANA® by 2027. Adding to this, SAP HANA is supported only on Linux® operating systems, so companies running SAP databases on other operating systems must also choose and deploy a Linux foundation in their datacenter.

Migrating your SAP environment presents an opportunity to modernize your underlying IT infrastructure with cloud technologies to reduce costs, streamline operations and maintenance, and increase business agility. Together, Red Hat and Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer a proven foundation for SAP HANA that improves datacenter innovation, efficiency, and flexibility.


The combination of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux for SAP with High Availability and Update Services and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) gives you the speed, reliability, and flexibility you need for the future.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP with High Availability and Update Services combines the stability, scalability, and performance of Linux with technologies that meet specific requirements for running SAP HANA and SAP business solutions. High availability and update support options provide the reliability and support your organization needs for critical business applications.

Amazon EC2 provides cloud-based, security-focused, resizable compute capacity for workloads and applications. The AWS Marketplace lets you purchase Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP with High Availability and Update Services subscriptions on demand and pay only for the time you use, allowing you to scale elastically and cost-effectively. You can also easily move your Red Hat subscriptions between on-premise and AWS environments through the Red Hat Cloud Access program.


Migrating successfully to a new operating system and SAP platform requires careful planning. Red Hat and AWS have extensive SAP experience to ensure that SAP databases and applications work reliably on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and AWS. Validated, prearranged configurations make building a stable, efficient environment easier and faster. An integrated support model gives you a single point of contact for issues. Red Hat, AWS, and SAP work together internally to pinpoint and resolve issues quickly, minimizing downtime for your environment.


Every organization has different requirements. Red Hat and AWS give you an extensive choice of services and third-party products to customize your environment. Red Hat Enterprise Linux runs consistently across both on-premise and cloud infrastructure, allowing you to move applications and workloads without changing them. A suite of Amazon EC2 instances — supported by both SAP and Red Hat platforms — lets you select the right configuration for your applications. The AWS Marketplace also offers a variety of independent software vendor (ISV) solutions that are validatedto run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, so you can easily add the products your business needs. Finally, Red Hat, AWS, and SAP partner with systems integrators to ease your migration to SAP HANA, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and AWS.


As business grows, your IT environment must keep pace. Red Hat and AWS provide a high-performance, elastically scalable foundation for SAP environments. Developed by Red Hat and SAP engineers, Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP with High Availability and Update Services includes SAP-specific features and optimizations to meet the demands of complex SAP environments. AWS provides a selection of instance types to optimize the performance of SAP workloads. On-demand availability and autoscaling of AWS resources ensures your environment is never constrained. Additionally, Amazon’s global footprint lets you choose where to place workloads to support new markets, customer demands, and regional regulations.


48% of IT leaders expect their budgets to increase over the next 12 months.1 Red Hat and AWS help you maximize your budget with a cost-effective foundation that shifts large, one-time capital expenses (CapEx) to lower, ongoing operational expenses (OpEx). AWS also gives you access to the latest hardware technology, so you can take advantage of advances without procuring and managing new hardware yourself. Reserved AWS instances let you purchase instances at a discounted price and use them immediately or at a later time. Furthermore, Red Hat Cloud Access helps you protect existing investments by moving your Red Hat subscriptions to AWS.


53% of IT leaders cite developing innovative new products and services as a key business issue that their board expects IT to address.1 Red Hat and AWS help you build a platform for ongoing progress. Economical cloud resources let you try out different instance types and SAP components without incurring high costs. Many changes to instances are transparent to SAP applications, so you can expand instances to take advantage of new hardware capabilities without disrupting your SAP environment. Plus, a consistent foundation provides stability between development, test, and production environments on the same infrastructure, speeding application life cycles.


Modernizing your SAP environment and underlying datacenter can help your business stay competitive in fast-changing markets. Red Hat and AWS offer an ideal foundation for SAP HANA databases and applications, allowing you to streamline operations, control costs, and boost innovation. You can get started quickly and easily using the SAP HANA Quick Start. Based on best practices for deployment and configuration, this reference deployment automatically provisions and configures all required AWS resources, sets up Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP with High Availability and Update Services, and installs SAP HANA software in less than an hour.

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Harvey Nash and KPMG, “CIO Survey 2018: The transformational CIO,” 2018.

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