Red Hat Edge: Product portfolio for next-generation IT

Modern edge compute platforms powered by Red Hat® Edge help organizations extend their open hybrid cloud to the edges of their business to make decisions faster and enhance their offerings. Red Hat’s vast and growing ecosystem of partners plus open methodologies ensure that organizations have the flexibility needed to build an optimum platform that allows them to respond to rapidly changing market conditions and create differentiated offerings. Red Hat Edge provides trusted enterprise open source software that helps organizations implement a layered-security approach for better risk management at on-premise, cloud, and edge sites. 

Features and benefits of Red Hat Edge

The Red Hat Edge portfolio of products and services provides solutions that meet customers’ specific technical and business requirements. The portfolio spans infrastructure, application services, cloud services, and life cycle management with automation capabilities, all validated in many vertical deployments.

Table 1. Red Hat Edge portfolio

Product Description
Red Hat OpenShift® Serves as the foundation of our develop-once, deploy- anywhere hybrid cloud promise and is further enhanced by support of smaller footprint topologies that include 3-node clusters, single-node OpenShift, and remote worker nodes that better map to varying physical size, connectivity, and availability requirements of different edge sites.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux® Provides a consistent, flexible, and security-focused foundation that delivers customizable image generation, remote device mirroring, and intelligent rollbacks, to maximize the stability of application deployments at the edge.
Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation and Red Hat Ceph® Storage Software-defined storage solutions that provide persistent block, file, and object storage for applications at the edge of the network including data federation.
Red Hat OpenStack® Platform Red Hat OpenStack Platform supports distributed compute nodes (DCN). These nodes allow telecommunications and other large organizations to treat distributed computing and storage resources as an extension of the datacenter, using the same tools to deploy and manage edge compute resources from a centralized control plane.
Management , security, and automation 
Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform Centralized platform for automating complete infrastructure deployment and management including Red Hat and third-party platforms. Ensures that the underlying infrastructure can be deployed with known good configurations and managed remotely allowing for consistent operations at the edge.
Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes Red Hat delivers full application life cycle support, cluster life cycle management, observability for container-based applications at scale while also providing advanced policy governance to foster consistency, reliability, and compliance throughout the organization's edge computing landscape and even across thousands of nodes at physically distant facilities. 
Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes Security concerns are one of the top blockers to deploying containerized applications and microservices. Red Hat delivers full life cycle security for your applications deployed at the edge. Red Hat automates DevSecOps to protect the software supply chain against security issues such as vulnerabilities, and offers advanced threat protection and mitigation capabilities with out-of-the-box policies to detect common threats such as misconfigured or risky deployments, intrusions, lateral movement, privilege escalation, and cryptomining, with tiered incident response based on the severity of the threat.
Red Hat Smart Management Helps organizations optimize and manage their Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment to better secure their IT infrastructure foundation by improving the reliability, availability, security, and compliance of their systems in remote locations with intermittent connectivity as well as well-connected cloud or on-premise systems. 
Red Hat Insights Continuously analyzes platforms and applications to predict risks, recommend actions, and track costs so enterprises can better manage hybrid cloud environments.
Red Hat Services Edge Platform Architecture Review Helps customers solve their remote office edge use case by demonstrating an opinionated solution for deployment and management of edge workloads in a Red Hat environment integrated with third-party services and systems.
Red Hat Services Edge Platform Solution Helps customers with a mentor-based approach to establishing and operationalizing an initial edge platform capability that extends from core datacenters to remote nodes and includes deployment, security, day-to-day operations, and life cycle management for platforms and workloads.
Red Hat Open Innovation Labs In a 4-12 week Open Innovation Labs residency, engineers are paired up with Red Hat experts to learn how to successfully adopt Red Hat technology and open source practices when building an edge solution. An important practice is team cohesion where IT and OT engineers collaborate effectively.

The Red Hat Edge portfolio advantage: Open source innovation, enterprise stability

Highlights of the Red Hat Edge portfolio include these important advantages when the products listed above are used in combination with each other:

  • Red Hat Edge helps you build a flexible and agile platform allowing you to respond to changing market dynamics without the burden of proprietary solutions or vertically integrated technology stacks that limit your ability to differentiate from the competition.
  • Red Hat Edge includes innovative open source technology and is extensible through industry-standard integration technologies and Red Hat’s partner ecosystem so that you have choices when developing a solution that meets your organization’s needs.
  • Red Hat Edge allows IT to remotely configure and support the edge platform with little to no need for on-site support thanks to its automation and management capabilities. Management tooling has been extended from the datacenter out to the edge, so existing IT skills extend as well.
  • Red Hat Edge includes layered security and tools that help you maintain high levels of security and support DevSecOps practices, even when dealing with a dynamic threat landscape.
  • Red Hat Edge provides a common infrastructure layer across all public and private cloud and edge deployments. This minimizes variability and reduces security risks while allowing companies to use existing skills and staff with one platform to support their entire landscape.

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