Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions

Your business relies on your SAP environment

Your SAP® landscape is the core of critical business operations like enterprise resource planning, supply-chain management, and customer experience administration, as well as complex, real-time analytics use cases. The underlying infrastructure of your SAP landscape can greatly affect how well it supports your business. You need a reliable foundation that delivers stability, performance, security, and availability at scale. 

Standardizing on Red Hat’s integrated portfolio across your entire infrastructure can help you optimize your environment and operations while preparing for digital leadership. Combining an intelligent operating system with predictive management tools and SAP-specific content, Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® for SAP Solutions provides a single, consistent foundation for SAP and non-SAP workloads.

Consistency across your organization

Your underlying operating system impacts how well your SAP applications perform. Whether you are deploying new applications or migrating existing SAP applications to SAP S/4HANA®, a consistent, reliable platform can streamline operations and management, increase stability, and reduce costs.

Record-setting performance

A high-performance foundation is required for SAP applications to provide the most value to your business. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions delivers superior performance for SAP applications. In fact, Red Hat Enterprise Linux running on Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors also holds world records for SAP BW Edition of SAP HANA® V3 in total data load and transformation runtime, total complex query phase runtime, and query executions per hour.1 

Red Hat Enterprise Linux also fully supports Intel Optane® DC persistent memory file system direct access (FS-DAX) for additional performance gains. Persistent memory delivers higher density, speeds database warm-up tasks, and reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) for operational tasks.

High availability

SAP workloads are critical for your business and downtime is unacceptable. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux High Availability Add-On — included with Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions — is an automated high availability solution that reduces unplanned downtime in scale-up and scale-out SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA, and SAP Netweaver deployments. Using SAP HANA’s native high-availability capabilities, the add-on offers a standards-based approach for ensuring SAP application reliability in both on-premise and cloud environments. 

Red Hat Enterprise Linux also includes in-place upgrade capabilities and live kernel patching for important and critical Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs), further increasing business continuity and availability.

Efficient, proactive management

To be effective, all systems in your SAP landscape must be up-to-date and in compliance with security and regulatory policies. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions includes Red Hat Smart Management and Red Hat Insights to help you achieve this. 

Red Hat Smart Management combines Red Hat Satellite with cloud-based remediation capabilities, allowing you to provision, patch, configure, and control your development, test, and production systems based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. You can also ensure that all systems have the latest security patches, quickly remediate configuration drift, and audit your systems at any point in time. 

Red Hat Insights delivers predictive operating system analytics that help you proactively identify and remediate a variety of threats to avoid outages, unplanned downtime, and security and compliance risks. Red Hat Insights incorporates years of Red Hat support experience — including SAP-specific knowledge and best practices — to identify vulnerabilities before they impact critical operations.

Enterprise stability for critical business environments

SAP certifies applications to operating system minor releases, making continual upgrades problematic for production environments. Red Hat Update Services provides up to four years of support — including security patches and critical fixes — for select minor releases of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. When you upgrade to a new minor release, binary compatibility and kernel stability ensure that your system remains stable and that both SAP and custom applications continue to execute smoothly.

World-class support

IT issues can cause costly downtime. With Red Hat, support is simple and hassle-free. Red Hat works with SAP and certified hardware and cloud providers to deliver integrated support for your entire environment. Support teams work together to identify underlying issues and resolve problems quickly.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions delivers more value for your organization. Through partnership and joint engineering with SAP, Red Hat gives you a reliable, security-focused foundation to optimize your SAP landscape, encourage ongoing innovation, and prepare for future change.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the


commercial Linux distribution in public cloud environments.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions is an optimized offering that includes:

  • The Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system.
  • High Availability Add-On for increased uptime.
  • Red Hat Smart Management for life-cycle management.
  • Red Hat Insights for proactive issue identification and remediation.
  • Update Services for SAP Solutions up to four years.
  • In-place upgrades and live patching for critical and important security issues.