Red Hat JBoss Web Server: Create and maintain Java apps

Whether you are looking to build a simple Java™ application server, an enterprise web server, or planning your entire enterprise application infrastructure, you have too much to do and not enough time—or money—to do it all. How can you address growing demand, but avoid costly complexity?

Red Hat® JBoss® Web Server simplifies the development and management of open source-based web application environments. By including all of the popular open source technologies for building, deploying, and maintaining web applications and large scale websites, JBoss Web Server makes it easy for enterprises to manage, administer, and secure web environments of any size.

JBoss Web Server combines market-leading open source technologies with enterprise capabilities to provide a single solution for large-scale websites and lightweight Java web applications. It includes certified, production-ready versions of Apache Web Server, Apache Tomcat, and common connectors used in between. It is delivered through an affordable subscription model by experts in enterprise open source middleware.

A JBoss Web Server Plus subscription also includes JBoss Hibernate®, the de facto leader in object-relational mapping and persistence, and JBoss Web Framework Kit. JBoss Web Framework Kit provides support for multiple programming styles and open source frameworks in a single solution. It includes enterprise-ready versions of Google Web Toolkit (GWT), RichFaces, Spring Framework, and Apache™ Struts.

Red Hat leads and contributes to popular open source projects, using code developed in the community to create JBoss Web Server, which is then backed with a multi-year product support life cycle. Production-ready versions of these components, combined with enterprise features for operational management and security tracking, give IT enterprises a stable and secure web application infrastructure with long-term reliability.



Simplify your use of popular open source software and avoid integration and version conflicts. A single subscription includes certified, integrated software with everything you need to build and maintain simple web applications.


Enjoy stable versions of popular open source software backed with long-term, enterprise product life cycles. Each release benefits from predictable updates that include defect fixes and non-intrusive features. JBoss Web Server maintains application compatibility for up to five years.


Each subscription includes access to the Red Hat enterprise IT operations portal for software management, including update and alert notifications. Easily manage configurations, inventory your applications, and deploy updates across your business within seconds.


Take advantage of the Red Hat dedicated security response team, which identifies, classifies, and tracks security issues, outlines impacted use cases, and delivers critical security updates.


Red Hat has over ten years of enterprise expertise leading, shipping, maintaining, and supporting Apache software. Red Hat’s technical staff works together to offer award-winning enterprise open source support.


Red Hat JBoss Web Server is a single solution for web applications, complete with all of the software and common connectors you need for typical lightweight Java application deployment. It includes stable versions of 100% open source, production-ready technologies that have been certified and tested by Red Hat and are backed by a long-term enterprise product life cycle.


Apache Tomcat is the world’s most popular open source servlet container. An implementation of the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages specifications, Apache Tomcat is ideal for simple Java applications. The optional Tomcat Native component can use Apache Portable Runtime to provide improved scalability and performance, and better integration with native server technologies.


Apache Web Server (httpd) is the most popular open source web server on the market, powering over half of the servers on the Internet. It is used on some of the world’s most demanding websites and includes common modules and connectors for authentication, caching, proxying, filtering, and load balancing (mod_jk).


Red Hat JBoss Web Server is a flexible solution for a wide variety of application infrastructure uses. With a single subscription, components can be deployed separately or together to support a variety of web application types, including:


Use the Apache Web Server component and included modules to front a variety of web applications, from simple websites to complex enterprise applications and everything in between.


Take advantage of the popular Apache Tomcat to quickly build, deploy, and manage simple Java applications and services. Add subscriptions for popular open source frameworks like JBoss Hibernate, Seam, and JBoss Web Framework Kit to easily expand your application’s capabilities.

Enterprise open source application infrastructure

Combine the capabilities of JBoss Web Server components or add Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE) capabilities with additional Red Hat JBoss solutions for complete coverage of any Java application workload in your enterprise.


Red Hat provides software subscriptions to Red Hat Middleware products that offer users ongoing value throughout the entire subscription term. Features and benefits of the Red Hat Middleware subscription include:

  • Predictability: Subscriptions are offered on an annual basis and include access to new versions at no additional cost. There are no large upfront license fees or hidden expenses.
  • Integrated and certified enterprise platforms: Access enterprise open source middleware platforms, in source and binary form, along with enterprise product documentation specific to each product release.
  • Upgrades and updates: Regular product updates provide enhancements, new features, new platform certifications, and access to the latest defect and security fixes.
  • Security response: Subscriptions come with Red Hat’s industry-recognized security response process to help customers proactively address potential security issues in their environment.
  • Long-term stability: Every Red Hat Middleware product has a defined multi-year product life cycle with strict update policies that maintain application stability and compatibility for the long term.
  • World-class technical support: Unlimited incident support by open source middleware experts can include 24x7 coverage, with one-hour response for critical issues.
  • Red Hat Customer Portal Access: A single portal grants access to all of the benefits of a Red Hat subscription such as enterprise software delivery, product updates, and critical issue notifications, knowledgebase access, and case management.
  • Partner certifications: Deploy solutions with confidence that your enterprise middleware is fully certified by leading Red Hat independent software vendor (ISV) partners.
  • Legal assurance: The Red Hat Open Source Assurance program safeguards customers who are developing and deploying open source solutions from legal harm.

Subscriptions to Red Hat Middleware products are provided in a virtualization-friendly model, consumed in increments of 16- and 64- processor core bands, backed by a choice of enterprise service levels that support any type of critical deployment. Key features of the Red Hat Middleware consumption model include:

  • Processor cores that can be virtual or physical, making them ideally suited for the growing trend toward virtualizing middleware workloads.
  • The ability to choose the types of processor cores that make sense for their environment. Different types of processor cores are treated the same.
  • Technical support covering issues across the entire application life cycle, from development to deployment management, across any supported environment.
  • A subscription for any individual Red Hat Middleware product that includes development use for all of the products in the Red Hat  Middleware portfolio.

Red Hat and its certified partners offer a range of services for Red Hat  Middleware solutions, including:

  • Developer support: Expert advice spanning architecture, design, configuration, optimization, and tuning recommendations.
  • Technical account manager: In addition to delivering standard and premium support options, Red Hat offers support services with enhanced options for customers who desire the deepest technical relationship with Red Hat.
  • Red Hat Training: A full curriculum of courses focusing on Red Hat Middleware solutions for both developers and operations roles.
  • Consulting: A wide range of consulting services, from small deployments to complete design, deployment, integration, migration, and management services.

For more information on the full range of Red Hat Middleware subscriptions, training, and services, visit or contact your Red Hat account manager.