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Red Hat Technical Account Management support overview

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Maximize Your Technology Investment

Red Hat® Technical Account Managers (TAMs) are highly technical product specialists who proactively partner with your organization to help you achieve operational excellence with Red Hat enterprise solutions. Your TAM will develop a personal relationship with you in order to understand your unique business needs, to strategically plan deployments and assist with faster issue resolution.

Each TAM has specialized knowledge of a Red Hat product family, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, and other offerings in our portfolio of enterprise open source products.

Key benefits of a TAM engagement:

  • A direct relationship with a named senior technical resource who has in-depth knowledge of your technical environment.
  • Enhanced resources for your IT organization and improved operational efficiency of your technology initiatives.
  • Proactive planning and technical reviews to prevent issues before they arise.
  • A direct line to the Red Hat engineering organization so you can impact future product features and updates.
  • Proactive notifications and resolutions for critical security issues.
  • Insight into current and future Red Hat products to plan for and meet your long-term technology goals. 
  • Collaboration between TAMs and partners to solve technical issues.

Receive proactive support, personalized for your organization

Your TAM gives you personalized attention to help you maximize your investment in Red Hat solutions. Regularly scheduled reviews and on-site visits offer the opportunity to form a relationship with your TAM, an adviser and advocate for your organization.

Your TAM provides proactive guidance to help you identify and address potential problems before they occur. Should a problem arise, your TAM engages our best resources to help resolve it as quickly as possible, while minimizing disruption to your business. 

TAMs are assigned by matching your technical goals with our engineers’ product and industry expertise. Your TAM has specialized knowledge of the Red Hat product families you use and can provide the expertise needed for your unique technical environment.

Your TAM will proactively share technical knowledge with your team through strategic and operational planning sessions over the phone and at regularly scheduled on-site visits. Your team will stay informed with a convenient single point of contact at Red Hat. 

Each TAM supports multiple customers during local business hours. Dedicated TAMs are available if you need individual support from a product specialist. Global TAMs are available during all time zones to support you 24x5.

Plan with a technical partner who Is knowledgeable about your ecosystem

Your TAM is uniquely positioned to proactively help you plan the best technical solution that meets your short- and long-term technology goals and mitigates risks to your operational ecosystem. 

When you are ready for a new technology solution, your TAM will run periodic supportability assessments to ensure the technology is supportable and aligns to industry standards. Your TAM will also avert issues according to your needs and environment. 

In addition, your TAM will give you visibility and access to the latest Red Hat technology and development plans with product betas and personalized roadmaps.

Confidently deploy the best solution for your needs

The depth of knowledge that your TAM has — about your technical environment, current and future Red Hat products, and Red Hat vendor relationships — gives you the added advantage of mitigating risks and gaining efficiency with each new deployment. 

TAMs use the experience and best practices they learn from similar industries and infrastructures. They collaborate with your team to share that expertise in each unique technical environment to ensure maximum performance and uptime. 

Your TAM can also use the operational analytics from your Red Hat Insights subscription to send you periodic risk assessments so you can ensure your environment is secure and protected from known errors. Red Hat Insights is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that provides ongoing, in-depth analysis of an organization’s Red Hat infrastructure to proactively identify key threats to security, performance, and stability. Red Hat Insights uses intelligent data to pinpoint technical risks and help IT resolve problems before business is affected. By combining granular risk assessment and tailored remediation steps, Red Hat Insights transitions IT from reacting to issues to proactive, intelligent infrastructure management.

Connect to a network of Red Hat experts

Your TAM is a direct link to the Red Hat support organization and serves as your advocate. With a TAM as your designated resource, you have a single point of contact for access to product management and engineering for prioritizing feature requests and fixes. 

Your TAM has an in-depth knowledge of your technical environment, backed by the relationships that Red Hat maintains with more than 2,200 independent software vendor (ISV) partnerships and more than 700 independent hardware vendors (IHVs). If a multi-vendor issue does occur, your TAM becomes the single point of contact for getting a resolution. Visit the Red Hat Customer Portal for more information.

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For more information about the Red Hat Technical Account Management offering, visit redhat.com or speak with your sales account manager.