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Case study

S-Core adopts open API design with Red Hat Consulting

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Customer background

S-Core, a subsidiary of Samsung SDS, provides management consulting and software technology services, including digital innovation and data consulting, to help companies optimize their business model.


To speed delivery of new products and services, S-Core sought to adopt open application programming interface (API) design and DevOps practices.

Path to innovation

After a Discovery Session with Red Hat Consulting, S-Core participated in Red Hat Open Innovation Labs, a collaborative engagement with Red Hat. Its research and development (R&D) team worked virtually across locations and languages with Red Hat consultants to design and test a complex new application: an automatic API code generator for banking inquiries that uses open APIs to share data and service information.

During the engagement, the team applied DevOps and agile approaches to its continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline to adapt to open source software and collaborative development practices.

Business outcomes

S-Core’s R&D team designed and developed its automatic API code generator in just four weeks. It plans to continue using the experience gained to enhance its development and CI/CD processes and deliver innovative technology solutions to its customers faster.


“Through Red Hat Open Innovation Labs, we gained hands-on insight into how we can successfully use cloud technologies, DevOps, and agile to respond quickly to market demands.”

Sawk Jynn Hong
Senior Vice President, Consulting Business Unit, S-Core