Azure Red Hat OpenShift: Managed cloud and containers

Modern application infrastructure helps you adapt to change

Organizations must modernize to adapt to trends, customer demands, and the competition. Applications are central to this transformation and allow organizations to differentiate themselves through high-value customer experiences. 

Container technologies increase application portability, security, scalability, and manageability through fast, consistent development and deployment. According to Gartner, 85% of global enterprises will be running containerized applications in production by 2025.1  

Building and managing a container environment yourself is resource and time consuming. Many IT organizations lack the required skills and staff needed to maintain their environments. Others prefer to focus on application development and modernization rather than creating, updating, and administering their container infrastructure.

Red Hat and Microsoft offer a managed cloud-based application development platform, Microsoft Azure Red Hat® OpenShift®, that eliminates the burden of researching, integrating, testing, managing, and updating underlying technologies. Red Hat and Microsoft build, deploy, and maintain the environment for you, so you can rapidly adopt modern Kubernetes-based application development and deployment for more business value and faster return on your investment.

Build, deploy, and scale applications with confidence

A jointly engineered, managed solution from Red Hat and Microsoft, Azure Red Hat OpenShift is a complete application development platform based on production-grade components and years of experience managing enterprise container environments. 

Microsoft Azure, a global network of some of the world’s largest datacenters, provides comprehensive cloud services for building, deploying, and managing applications. Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is a leading enterprise-grade, Kubernetes-based container application platform built on proven open source technologies. Azure Red Hat OpenShift combines both products with the expertise of a joint site reliability engineering (SRE) team to deliver innovation and scalability on a reliable foundation.

Microsoft and Red Hat manage and operate the platform’s underlying infrastructure, reducing operational complexity so you can focus on your applications. Self-service deployments help users create the services and resources they need on demand. Built-in solutions and services, including source code management, container and application builds, and health management ,  let you get started immediately. Azure Red Hat OpenShift also gives you a consistent Kubernetes platform for adopting hybrid cloud operations. You can deploy Red Hat OpenShift in your datacenter and move containerized applications and workloads to Microsoft Azure as needed, using the same tools and with the same experience.

Empower your developers to innovate. Developers report a 90% productivity lift for initial application development, testing, and deployment with Red Hat OpenShift.2 With Azure Red Hat OpenShift, developers have the freedom to use their preferred tools with built-in continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines containing a range of supported technologies and workflows. They can easily connect applications to hundreds of Azure services, including Azure Database for MySQL and PostgreSQL, Azure Cache for Redis, and Azure Cosmos DB. Plus, they can build and deploy applications at scale with consistency across platforms and environments.

Increase IT efficiency, security, and availability. Red Hat OpenShift customers report a 20% lift in efficiency for DevOps and operations teams.2 Streamline management with automated cluster operations, workflows, and application and service administration. Reduce operational complexity with a managed service that maintains, patches, and updates a consistent environment for you. Get added protection for your business with a hardened Kubernetes platform and its continuous security capabilities, plus an enterprise-focused service-level agreement (SLA) that provides 99.95% uptime.

Scale economically on demand. For digital business success, your application infrastructure must handle fast, sizable shifts in demand levels. With Azure Red Hat OpenShift you can: scale quickly and cost- effectively to meet these challenges; start a highly available cluster with four application nodes, and dynamically expand as needed with on-demand Microsoft Azure cloud resources; control costs with flexible, usage-based pricing, and unified billing. Your Microsoft Azure subscription also offers visibility into expenses and simplified purchasing with Azure credits.

Simplify your support experience. Even the best-implemented IT environments encounter problems. Azure Red Hat OpenShift streamlines issue resolution with an integrated support experience. Red Hat and Microsoft offer a seamless, coordinated issue escalation and support process via an integrated ticketing system found in the Azure portal. Support engineers for both companies work together to resolve issues quickly, reducing hassle.

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85%of global enterprises will be running containerized applications in production by 2025. [1]

Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat and Microsoft offer Azure Red Hat OpenShift, a managed, cloud-based application development platform that lets you adopt an enterprise Kubernetes platform more quickly and easily. This jointly engineered solution helps you:  

  • Empower your developers to innovate.
  • Increase IT operational efficiency and reduce complexity.
  • Scale economically on demand.
  • Simplify your support experience.

Azure Red Hat OpenShift is included in your Microsoft Azure subscription, so you can get started seamlessly and immediately.

Learn more and get started.

Azure Red Hat OpenShift helps you adopt container and hybrid cloud technologies faster with an easier-to-deploy, enterprise- grade managed service that integrates and manages services throughout your appl- ication development platform. As a result, you can focus on your business, quickly respond to changing customer expect- ations, and remain competitive.

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