Monitor and modernize apps with Red Hat and Splunk

Government agencies and institutions are adopting cloud infrastructure and introducing containerized applications to increase agility and improve efficiencies. They also are adopting cloud infrastructure to comply with government mandates like Cloud SmartRed Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform and Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform help public sector organizations simplify and accelerate the development, delivery, and life cycle management of modern applications across on-premise, public cloud, and edge deployments. And Splunk’s Data-to-Everything Platform™ transforms live data into actionable information to help operations teams optimize the performance, security, and reliability of these modern applications.

Together, Red Hat and Splunk provide the platform and complementary data-monitoring and automation solutions for the digital era. Their integrated solution helps meet the challenges of scale by delivering dynamic insights into the modern applications powering today’s public sector hybrid cloud enterprises. It helps public sector organizations accelerate the pace of innovation and improve the performance, availability, and security of core applications and workloads.

Federal agency leaders need to ensure the successful operation of critical applications running on Red Hat enterprise open source platforms. Splunk’s Data-to-Everything Platform helps organizations make confident decisions and take decisive actions with real-time, data-driven insights. 

Red Hat has been a trusted partner to the government for more than 20 years, helping agencies meet security and risk management goals. Whether your organization is bridging private and public cloud environments, starting the process for Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS), Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 (FISMA), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-53, or automating to improve efficiency, our products are accredited and certified to meet government compliance standards.

Figure 1. Splunk’s Data-to-Everything Platform

With Splunk and Red Hat, organizations can implement and enhance critical applications to:

  • Predict and correct issues. Overcome resource limitations, identify abnormalities, and predict issues before impact with artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) technologies on a DevSecOps platform or with system-automation playbooks.
  • Automate compliance and correction. Automate compliance monitoring to ease audits, allow self-reporting, and ensure a passing scorecard while enhancing the organization’s security posture and proactively managing risk across Red Hat platforms.
  • Gain detailed visibility. Ensure successful modernization by gaining granular visibility into migration processes and rationalizing applications across the DevSecOps pipeline and automation life cycle.

Splunk’s Data-to-Everything Platform helps ensure optimal performance and availability of systems and applications by closing any visibility gaps across any on-premise, cloud or hybrid cloud, or edge environment. 

Splunk for public sector—the solution for hybrid operational data

Splunk data insights help public sector organizations strengthen security, accelerate IT service delivery, and streamline application modernization efforts.

  • Protect. Advanced threats are the biggest risk to our homeland, and cyber-defense is at the heart of our national security. Splunk Enterprise Security with Advanced Threat Detection and User Behavior Analytics (UBA) provides the industry’s most advanced offerings for security analytics and risk management.
  • Serve. Every government agency has a mission that is tied directly to the benefit of the citizen, be it protection or welfare. The Splunk platform, combined with Splunk IT Service Intelligence, helps ensure timely and consistent delivery of services by removing bottlenecks and enabling proactive incident and exceptions management.
  • Modernize. Agencies are embracing innovations to improve efficiencies, reduce risk, and meet mission objectives. Splunk can help them overcome modernization hurdles by ensuring successful cloud/hybrid migrations, rationalizing applications, consolidating systems, optimizing existing datacenters, and deploying shared services.

The modern container platform for operational performance and awareness

Public sector organizations are looking to Kubernetes to streamline application development and delivery and to take advantage of cloud scalability, elasticity, and velocity. Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is the leading enterprise Kubernetes platform,1 built for an open hybrid cloud strategy. OpenShift Container Platform offers full-stack automated operations and self-service provisioning for a consistent experience across all environments, which facilitates development and operations teams working together to more efficiently move ideas into production.

The Kubernetes platform for agencies and institutions

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform includes the Red Hat Enterprise Linux® operating system, container runtime, networking, monitoring, registry, authentication, and authorization solutions. These components are tested together for unified operations on a complete Kubernetes platform spanning every cloud.

OpenShift Container Platform features Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS, a specialized distribution of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, optimized for running Linux containers on Kubernetes. Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS supports important security standards such as FIPS-enabled Linux to ensure compliance with U.S. government regulations.

OpenShift Container Platform also includes purpose-built automation to support major public cloud government regions like Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud and Microsoft Azure Government, allowing organizations to take full advantage of cloud provider compute, storage, and networking services for auto-scaling and other functionality.

AWS GovCloud and Microsoft Azure Government are integral to the OpenShift Container Platform engineering and quality assurance (QA) process; every OpenShift Container Platform release is validated for government cloud environment compatibility. OpenShift Container Platform is a fast and easy way to stand up a certified “CNCF Kubernetes Conformance Program” distribution in a government cloud environment.

Red Hat OpenShift partner ecosystem

Red Hat and our Red Hat OpenShift partner ecosystem bring expertise and experience from working with more than 2,000 Red Hat OpenShift customers. Red Hat and our certified partners deliver hybrid cloud solutions with the flexibility, freedom, and support agencies and institutions need to thrive in the digital world. Together, we can help public sector organizations migrate legacy apps, develop new cloud-native apps, or improve digital services.

Icon-Red_Hat-Media_and_documents-Quotemark_Open-B-Red-RGB “Containers, DevSecOps, and distributed cloud will continue to transform infrastructure security architecture and management." [1]

For public sector agency leaders who need to ensure the success of their missions, Splunk’s Data-to-Everything Platform drives decisions and actions through real-time, data-driven insights. It is deployed across all three branches of the U.S. government, all cabinet-level agencies and all four branches of the U.S. military.

Figure 2. Red Hat and Splunk key joint solution areas

Figure 2. Red Hat and Splunk key joint solution areas

The Splunk partnership helps Red Hat applications perform and inform at their best

Public sector organizations must efficiently consolidate and aggregate real-time operational data at scale to make well-informed decisions and achieve core critical objectives. Splunk promotes operational excellence, security, and compliance through its Data-to-Everything Platform. Splunk operates and integrates on Red Hat platforms and technologies as a joint solution to turn massive volumes of live data into meaningful and actionable insights for security, IT, and DevOps professionals.

Splunk allows public sector organizations to investigate, monitor, analyze, and act with:

  • Any structure. Whether structured or unstructured, Splunk is able to accept any text-based data with no organization required.
  • Any source. Accept data from anywhere—whether it's from an on-premise, cloud, IoT, or edge environment.
  • Any timescale. Investigate and act on data fast and seamlessly whether it is streaming live or historical.

The Spunk platform also allows you to ask any question and use advanced artificial intelligence and
machine learning (AI/ML) that provide actionable insights across Security, IT, and DevOps. It supports a broad range of users across the organization when acting on their data. This allows automation based on a set of playbooks or AI-driven decision-making to simplify collaborative responses.


Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform help public sector organizations automate operations and deliver consistent experiences across environments. And Splunk’s Data-to-Everything Platform is the easiest way to investigate, monitor, analyze, and act upon data. Together, Red Hat and Splunk help organizations modernize applications, accelerate development and delivery, and transform data into actionable insights. The joint solution helps organizations improve the security, performance, and resiliency of critical applications.

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