Start automating in less time with Ansible validated content

Accelerate automation with validated content for Ansible

Ansible validated content helps IT teams accelerate their automation using trusted, expert-led guidance for performing key operational tasks, resulting in better configuration consistency, enhanced performance, and stronger security capabilities.

Ansible Content Collections

An Ansible Content Collection is a format for organizing content. It has a directory structure with complimentary tooling and assets that include multiple content types, modules, plug-ins, roles, and more—in a singular portable format.

Ansible Content Collections have a consistent format that allows content creators to ship bundles of modules, plug-ins, roles, and documentation together and are tested to work with specific versions of Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform. They are developed and published asynchronously from releases of Ansible Automation Platform—so you get access to more content, more frequently.

Red Hat Ansible Certified Content Collections help IT teams integrate with specific Red Hat and partner platforms. Validated content targets operational tasks and is generally packaged per use case—and sometimes for a specific use case on a specific platform.

A trusted, expert-led approach

While Red Hat Ansible Certified Content Collections focus on how to integrate automation into industry solutions and platforms, validated content offers best practices and guidance for how to perform operations or tasks in Red Hat or third-party platforms.

Key takeaways:

Ansible validated content offers an expert-guided path towards performing key operational tasks

Though similar to Red Hat Ansible Certified Content, Ansible validated content focuses more on how to automate instead of what to automate

Ansible validated content has been tested for optimal reliability and is customizable for your environment

Table 1. Key benefits

Benefit Description
Automate in less time

With trusted, consistent, pre-built content from industry-leading providers, including Red Hat, IT teams can jump-start their automation projects with an expert-informed path for performing operational tasks and managing systems according to best practices.

Ansible validated content spans networking, cloud, edge, security, and infrastructure use cases.

Customize and learn

Taking advantage of Ansible validated content as a learning tool can accelerate adoption and mastery of automation, creating a foundation for expansion into more advanced use cases.

Ansible validated collections are also customizable for an organization’s unique environment, giving users an opportunity to practice and test with prepackaged roles and playbooks.

Share and reuse

IT teams can collaborate, standardize, and share using a set of expert-created best practices.

Validated content is also reusable, which means less manual repetition each time IT teams deploy or configure systems.

Tested and trusted Ansible validated content is developed either by or with input from Red Hat experts. It has been tested for optimal reliability and is more trusted than community-generated content.