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Red Hat Subscription watch for unified reporting and analytics


Getting started guide

Subscription watch unlocks a single-pane view into your total subscription package, from usage to capacity, across a hybrid infrastructure over time. This guide helps users get started with this tool and choose the most appropriate data aggregation and delivery option.

image container Subscription watch dashboard available at

The subscription watch dashboard is currently available for Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® and Red Hat OpenShift® Container Platform. The data can be aggregated in a number of ways depending on how your environment is configured.

☑ Register Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems directly to Red Hat Subscription Management

Another way to deliver the data required to report usage history is to register your client systems directly to the Red Hat Subscription Management platform.

Red Hat Subscription Management is a customer-driven, end-to-end solution that provides tools for subscription status and management and integrates with Red Hat's system management tools. One of these tools is subscription watch, and the data required to get the proper reporting is captured upon registration with Red Hat Subscription Management.

Using Red Hat Subscription Management, you can view your usage dashboard at

☑ Install Red Hat Insights on Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems

Automatically deliver the data required to report usage history by taking full advantage of Red Hat Insights. 

Red Hat Insights is a single, consistent tool for analyzing Red Hat Enterprise Linux running across both hybrid cloud and on-premise infrastructures. As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, Red Hat Insights gathers the needed information for subscription watch to report historic usage, giving full visibility into what you have used (usage), in comparison to what you have paid for (capacity).

Using Insights, this information is automatically reported to subscription watch. You can view your usage dashboard at

☑ Install the satellite inventory plugin for systems managed by Red Hat Satellite

If you are concerned about connecting client systems directly to Red Hat, we also offer an inventory plugin to Red Hat Satellite that will upload the small amount of data we require to report historic usage.

Red Hat Satellite is a systems management solution that makes Red Hat infrastructure easier to deploy, scale, and manage across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Customers can use this powerful platform to deliver the needed information back to subscription watch to take advantage of managing their subscription usage.

Using Red Hat Satellite, you install the inventory plugin to the satellite and let it report your usage back to


☑ Directly connect your Red Hat OpenShift 4.1+ environment

Subscription watch works with Red Hat OpenShift 4.1 (and later) in connected environments.

For Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform version 4.1 and later, the Prometheus and Telemetry tools in the monitoring stack and Red Hat OpenShift Cluster Manager are used to gather and process cluster data before sending it to Red Hat Subscription Management. Red Hat Subscription Management provides the relevant usage data to the Cloud Services platform tools such as inventory and subscription watch.

☑ Manually create disconnected Red Hat OpenShift clusters in Red Hat OpenShift cluster manager

Customers with disconnected Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform environments can use Red Hat OpenShift as a data collection tool by manually creating each cluster in Red Hat OpenShift cluster manager.

This workaround allows customers with disconnected environments to simulate an account-level view of their Red Hat OpenShift usage. For example, an organization with disconnected clusters distributed across several departments could benefit from this workaround.

See how Red Hat is improving your subscription experience

Visit Subscription Central to learn more about the tools available to improve your overall subscription experience.

Read our subscription watch FAQ to get answers to  common questions

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