Taashee boosts skills with Red Hat OpenShift Practice Builder Program

As a Red Hat partner for over 10 years, Taashee was eager to further expand its skills. It joined the Red Hat OpenShift Practice Builder Program to take advantage of training, marketing resources, and rebates. Now, the company is in a good position to continue its rapid growth and to build more tools that will extend its ecosystem.

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  • Grew bookings from 1M USD to 4M USD over the last 2 financial years. 
  • Enabled deal closure with rebates and marketing resources from the Red Hat OpenShift Practice Builder Program. 
  • Gained skills through Red Hat OPEN and instructor-led training. 

Delivering state-of-the-art Linux services to the Indian market

Taashee Linux Services (Taashee) provides expert, high-end technology solutions to mid-to large-scale businesses. With decades of collective experience, Taashee takes on the most innovative IT developments, including virtualization, clustering, cloud computing, monitoring, and security. Taashee also supports one-button deployments of big data technologies.

To stay abreast of the newest products available, Taashee researches and simulates a variety of complex environments before clients are aware these technologies exist. The company builds and maintains technical expertise for platform, middleware, virtualization, cloud, and data grids. Furthermore, Taashee has a propensity towards industrial-strength, open source technologies and backs these low-cost solutions with leading proprietary technologies.

Building a profitable partnership

Taashee has been a Red Hat partner for over 10 years, during which time Red Hat solutions have grown to 60% of the company’s overall business. When Red Hat launched the OpenShift Practice Builder Program in 2018, it was an innovation with which Taashee wanted to engage.

Taashee maintains a team of dedicated middleware architects and cloud engineers who specialize in Red Hat’s suite of technologies and have developed their skills through Red Hat training programs. These professionals showcase business excellence by having complete command over the latest technological concepts ranging from cloud computing to systems management—and now Red Hat OpenShift.

“During the past decade, we have gone from strength to strength, building our own delivery mechanisms for Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Red Hat Virtualization so, more recently, it made perfect sense to expand our skills in OpenShift and Ansible,” explains Abhishek Datt, CTO, Taashee.

Introducing innovations

The Red Hat OpenShift Practice Builder Program is designed to help system integrators, like Taashee, build a modern cloud native practice using OpenShift and JBoss EAP to take advantage of the significant and growing demand for containerized application development. OpenShift is an award-winning application development platform that enables Taashee’s clients to rapidly, easily, and securely build and deploy apps on nearly any infrastructure: whether it’s on-prem, or in a private, public, or hybrid cloud. Combined with Red Hat’s comprehensive Red Hat Middleware portfolio that is engineered for OpenShift, DevOps and IT operation teams can take advantage of the powerful benefits of modern cloud-native middleware, containerization, and PaaS.

“We have already certified six engineers on Red Hat OpenShift, with another nine scheduled for the program this year,” adds Datt. “A combination of instructor-led training and resources from Online Partner Enablement Network (OPEN) gives us a rigorous grounding in these technologies and the ability to bring them to market quickly. Detailed, industry-specific use cases ensure that when we meet potential customers, we can answer their questions.”

Increasing revenues and onboarding new customers

OpenShift Practice Builder Program opens doors to new business

Six Taashee representatives were selected to participate in the OpenShift Practice Builder Program and achieve certification, helping them develop their skills and support emerging technologies, such as hybrid cloud and containerization. As a result, the company is now capturing new customers in the enterprise space, including telco and finance, which it previously could not effectively target.

“The OpenShift Practice Builder Program is a great enabler in bringing new business on board. Through close collaboration with Red Hat, we have become its extended arm in the region—a symbiotic relationship that generates revenues and crossover services for us both,” said Datt.

Taking advantage of generous rebates

The OpenShift Practice Builder Program earns Taashee a substantial rebate when it books a certain amount of new business. Red Hat also helps with demand generation, incentives, enablement, and proof of concept exercises.

“We brought in significant earnings last year, thanks to our investment in the OpenShift Practice Builder Program so the rebate really does make a difference to our bottom line and provides a significant incentive to sell,” says Datt. “At the same time, we have access to Red Hat resources which help us close deals more quickly.” 

Strong foundation for future growth

Taashee is in a good position to continue its rapid growth since taking part in the Red Hat OpenShift Practice Builder Program. The company is eager to build more tools that will extend its ecosystem.

“The way that we function with Red Hat, we feel like we are the same team with a consistent focus on global training and pricing models, which means we can grow more effectively,” concludes Datt. “By 2020, we want to be the strongest Asia Pacific partner for the deployment of Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat OpenStack®.”

About Taashee

Taashee’s technical team helps organizations that require increased developer productivity, higher quality applications, and lower maintenance costs. Taashee programmers specialize in multiple technologies with add-on features and advanced support. The biggest advantage for customers approaching Taashee is that they do not need to approach multiple vendors to implement different technologies.