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Accomplish more with your Red Hat subscription and open source

Last updated: August 22, 2019

Guidance. Stability. Structure. 

Red Hat offers production-ready code, life-cycle management, software interoperability, and access to experts and tools that help you run your business. Red Hat’s award-winning Customer Portal includes documentation, security updates, and community-powered knowledge so you can learn from our experience — and our customers’ experience. Our dedicated Product Security team monitors, identifies, and addresses risks to protect your — and your customers’ — data. Red Hat is connected to innovative open source communities and to experienced groups that share and address high-impact security vulnerabilities under embargo. 

Benefits of a Red Hat Subscription 

Stable, open source technology, organized and optimized for enterprise use 

Red Hat helps you standardize and streamline your software resources so you can grow and transform your business instead of spending time managing relationships. We advocate for your technological needs with communities and partners so you can focus resources and budget on new products. Red Hat also refines open source innovation so that you have stable technology for production environments. 

Security and accountability from a trusted advisor 

Red Hat offers a tested, supported portfolio of stable open source infrastructure. Our products are backed by a dedicated Product Security team that monitors, identifies, and addresses risks affecting our products and works closely with upstream projects. We identify security flaws and alert customers when it impacts their business, giving them peace of mind. 

Knowledge and influence in open source communities to pursue innovation and development 

Because Red Hat is a trusted advisor and leading contributor to open source communities, we have the insight to identify emerging technologies and the resources to evolve them into enterprise-ready solutions to meet future IT needs. 

Access to technical support, documentation, and tools 

Red Hat® Support makes sure our enterprise technology works in your environment and helps you minimize the impact to your business if an issue occurs. We have published thousands of solutions from support cases that have already been solved, so that you can fix small problems before they get worse. If you need to open a support case, it will be routed to engineers that are specialized in the product that you use so that your issue is efficiently resolved by experts.

In addition to phone and online incident support, your subscription gives you access to the Red Hat Customer Portal — your one place for subscription resources, including comprehensive product documentation, intelligent tools, security updates, and technical support. The Customer Portal uses community-powered knowledge to help you plan, deploy, maintain, and manage your Red Hat solutions, so that you can resolve issues quickly and ensure optimal system performance. 

Guidance And Expertise From Proof Of Concept To Deployment

You have a partner throughout your open source journey. We will work with you to understand your needs and will help you maximize your Red Hat technology to meet your business goals. Red Hat’s helpful tools, training, and subject-matter experts will support you every step of the way — from adopting new solutions to managing your infrastructure.

A broad ecosystem of partners 

Red Hat has relationships with thousands of software, cloud, and hardware partners. Open source standards make our products portable and interoperable. We work with everyone — partners and competitors alike — to make sure our technology works when and where you need it. 

Get The Most Out of Your Subscription 

A Red Hat subscription gives you access to tools and resources to help you accomplish your business goals. Make sure you get the most out of your subscription benefits. Explore your Red Hat subscription resources at