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  1. Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure: Private IaaS cloud

    With Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure, you can build and manage an open, private Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud and ease your way into a highly scalable, public-cloud-like infrastructure--al ...


    Most significant tech acquisition of 2018 will unlock true value of cloud for business IBM and Red Hat to provide open approach to cloud, featuring unprecedented security and portability across mu ...

  3. Open hybrid cloud: building your path to the cloud

    Federal agencies are deepening their adoption of cloud—especially open hybrid cloud—to deliver software, infrastructure, and applications.

  4. Rackspace helps customers embrace the cloud with private cloud solution

    Rackspace and Red Hat built a hosted, on-premise OpenStack® private cloud solution that can be easily deployed, updated, and supported without downtime.

  5. A True Hybrid Cloud is an Open Hybrid Cloud


    Come learn about Red Hat#39;s open hybrid cloud spanning multiple vendor platforms during VMWorld 2013.

  6. The Road to Open Hybrid Cloud: Part 1 - Bare Metal to Private Cloud

    How can you get the benefits of open hybrid cloud fast? Watch these step-by-step demos from Red Hat Summit that show how to go from bare metal servers to a flexible, scalable infrastructure that s ...

  7. Modern Middleware for Modern Clouds: How Red Hat JBoss Middleware is Ushering in the Era of the Open Hybrid Cloud


    Craig Muzilla shares his thoughts on why open middleware is positioned to provide the flexibility & capability to help enterprises create, integrate, deploy & manage applications across the hetero ...

  8. One Cloud Or Open Hybrid Cloud: Choose Wisely


    Earlier this week, VMware announced its One Cloud vision for “running and managing any cloud-native or traditional application, through a software-defi

  9. CDG survey—Cloud services: Moving to the cloud safely

    The Center for Digital Government surveyed government IT leaders on technology, procurement, and planning. Get the results.

  10. A private cloud is a part of a hybrid cloud


    Editor’s note - This post is the first in a four-part series on private cloud from Red Hat technology evangelist Gordon Haff. Existing infrastructure was designed to cope with relatively predictab ...

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