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  1. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Beta cheat sheet for developers - Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8 Beta cheat sheet for developers Red Hat Developer Blog

    The new Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Beta cheat sheet for developers is a helpful guide for developers already familiar with RHEL.

  2. OpenShift 4.0 Developer Preview on AWS is up and running - Red Hat Developer Blog

    This article provides tips that will make life easier when you install OpenShift 4.0 Developer Preview on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  3. How Red Hat developers can create handy shortcuts with Firefox keyword bookmarks - Red Hat Developer Blog

    Keyword bookmarks turn the Firefox URL bar into a mini-command line, giving you direct access to bug reports, CVEs, RFCs, or anything with an ID and a URL.

  4. Developer Training to Enable Next Gen App Development Skills – Red Hat Services Speak

    As enterprises shift to modern, cloud-native application development, they need an effective way to enable developers and development teams on the technology. The enablement has to scale across the…

  5. Jumpstart your microservices development with MicroProfile Starter (Beta) - Red Hat Developer Blog

    This article gives a quick tour of how to use the new MicroProfile Starter (Beta) site to generate, download, and build a Maven-based MicroProfile project with just a few clicks.

  6. Red Hat Developer Studio

    Red Hat Developer Studio is an integrated dev environment. Develop, test, and deploy web, mobile web, and transactional enterprise apps, and microservices.

  7. Red Hat Learning Subscription Developer deep dive: Cloud-native development

    Developers need access to answers as problems arise—and on-demand content as schedules allow. Developers need training that is immediately available, prescriptive, and reliable. The industry is ev ...

  8. Init Container Build Pattern: Knative build with plain old Kubernetes deployment - Red Hat Developer Blog

    Solve common Kubernetes deployment issues using the Init Container build pattern and Knative build, which can be applied to any Kubernetes deployment.

  9. How to create a new application with Red Hat OpenShift Application Runtimes launcher - Red Hat Developer Blog

    Watch this video to see how to use Red Hat OpenShift Application Runtimes to create a new application and deploy it to an OpenShift cluster.

  10. Modern Integration and Application Development Day - Milano

    This event is a technical event targeting engineers and developers to cover Apache Kamel Kafka and OpenShift.

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