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  1. Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio

    Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio provides superior support for your entire development lifecycle.

  2. Announcing updated Red Hat Developer Studio and Container Development Kit - RHD Blog

    New releases: Red Hat Developer Studio 12 and Container Development Kit 3.5. Learn about the new features and updates to other developer tools for Windows, macOS, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

  3. API 2.0 Best Practices - API Product Owners and Developers Workshop


  4. Red Hat Developers - Learn More. Share More. Code More.


    It’s hard to overestimate the importance of software in the modern economy. As the world gets more connected and the price-to-performance of hardware continues to improve, investments are being sh ...

  5. The future is through software developers: Red Hat is the key


    In an era of digital transformation, when traditional businesses are increasingly becoming software companies to better compete in the market, software developers are the new key to business succe ...

  6. Celebrating 10 years of application development solutions at Red Hat


    Red Hat is well known for pioneering the adoption of open source technologies in the enterprise. As the world's first open source software company to earn more than two billion dollars in revenue, ...

  7. Red Hat Certified Specialist in Camel Development

    Prove your ability to create and maintain enterprise integration services by becoming a Red Hat Certified Specialist in Camel Development.

  8. Hey Tate: Step by step securing OpenShift and routes with SSL certificates for development – Red Hat Services Speak

    I created this series of videos to show how to first, purchase a domain name for cheap, to use for valid SSL certificates and URLs for all your applications. I do this for learning and developing a…

  9. Keynote: Navigating cloud adoption - trends that challenge and inspire developers

    Enterprises trying to build, migrate, and re-platform applications have many choices about the solution architecture, tools, and deployment locations. In this webcast, we’ll look at 3 key issues:

  10. Red Hat modern app development solutions for government

    Red Hat brings innovative open source solutions for modern app development to government and public sector.

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