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  1. Accelerate your business with enterprise open source and DevOps

    DevOps is an approach to culture, automation, and platform design to deliver business value and responsiveness through rapid, iterative IT service delivery.

  2. Transforming to a DevOps paradigm with latest Culture and Practices course – Red Hat Services Speak

    Digital transformation as a goal is ubiquitous in 2019, and technology is often the focus, followed by processes. The culture aspect is either overlooked or daunting for teams wanting to change and…

  3. DevOps Culture and Practice Enablement | DO500

    DevOps Culture and Practice Enablement (DO500) immerses you in modern software development practices and application development architecture.

  4. Thrive in a world of rapid technology adoption with Open Banking and DevOps


    We’ve all heard the mantra that every company is now a software company. But unlike some of the most successful software companies – including giants Google, Amazon, Netflix and Facebook – many bu ...

  5. DevOps Strategy Workshop

    Agilidade é a chave para inovar e tornar-se competitivo. Porém é necessário não apenas tecnologia, mas também processos, metodologias e uma nova cultura.]

  6. UPS streamlines package tracking and delivery with DevOps and Red Hat

    Learn how UPS developed an innovative application with Red Hat technology, supported by DevOps collaboration, to improve package tracking and delivery.

  7. DevOps: A smarter strategy for software development in government IT

    Embracing DevOps in government IT and pairing it with modern solutions like microservices and containers to deliver digital services faster than ever.

  8. Red Hat Forum 2018 - IT Transformation with Containers & DevOps

    The convergence of cloud, containers, AI, automation, and open source is rapidly transforming IT operations technologies, best practices, and skills. DevOps proves to be a game-changer for enterpr ...

  9. Automation, DevOps, and the Demands of a Multicloud World

    Get the results of an IDC study on the evolution of IT management and automation strategies due to cloud computing, DevOps, and digital transformation.

  10. A data-driven blueprint for accelerating DevOps and agile practices

    DevOps practices deliver speed and reliability improvements for sustainable competitive advantages. Foundational DevOps practices include the use of agile development, continuous integration/conti ...

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