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  1. Red Hat OpenShift on Red Hat OpenStack Platform: Flexibility Key to BBVA’s Digital Transformation


    More enterprises are actively pursuing technologies that can help them digitally transform and modernize their operations. Virtualization and cloud computing can help jumpstart the process, as can ...

  2. BigPharm Morphs into a Digitally Transformed Business

    Red Hat Forum Sydney 2018 - BigPharma Morphs into Digitally Transformed Business by Brendan Paget, Product Marketing; Hendra Sutanto Poh, Openshift Technical Marketing Manager; Kinngsley Wood, Dir ...

  3. Digital Transformation & the Open Organisation

    Red Hat Forum Sydney 2018 - Business Keynote: Digital Transformation and Open Organisation by Marco Bill-Peter -Red Hat SwitzerlandLearn more: ...

  4. How to prepare for digital transformation with Red Hat Virtualization and Veeam


    According to Gartner1, “investment in digital business transformation is now the most-common motivation for saving money from IT budgets (62 percent of respondents).” I believe that this research ...

  5. Agile integration drives digital transformation

    Agile integration — combining Agile techniques and cloud-native platforms to improve speed and security of software delivery — is critical for digital transformation.

  6. IDC: Integration is a core competency of digital transformation whitepaper

    Integration is a core competency to support building blocks of digital transformation. Read this IDC whitepaper to learn why.

  7. Digital transformation, the open source way

    Build a better business by using open source principles to unite teams, technology, and processes.

  8. Lenovo achieves digital transformation with Red Hat OpenShift

    Learn how technology manufacturer Lenovo improved system performance to deliver applications faster with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

  9. Agile integration is critical to successful digital transformation

    Comprehensive Forrester study demonstrates importance of agile integration to digital transformation success in 300 global companies.

  10. Creating a foundation for digital transformation

    Learn how Red Hat and HPE partner to create a strong digital transformation foundation for their enterprise customers.

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