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  1. Virtualizing the central office: Building a foundation for innovation


    As service providers look to deliver more services closer to their mobile, residential, and enterprise subscribers, the central office is gaining importance in telecommunications service providers ...

  2. Innovate at Finovate - Fall 2018 Conference Roundup


    The Finnovate series of conferences are a showcase for banking and financial technology (fintech) organizations to demonstrate the technologies and services they are pioneering. The week of Septem ...

  3. Telcos + OpenStack = Innovation


    Red Hat's vice president of telecommunications, Darrell Jordan-Smith, joined Stu Miniman, senior analyst at Wikibon and John Troyer, chief reckoner at TechReckoning, in "The Cube" at OpenStack Sum ...

  4. Proof of Concept, Chapter 1: Innovate

    The UNICEF and Red Hat teams arrive in New York to kick off their Open Innovation Labs residency. This chapter highlights the team’s excitement and anxieties: Early exercises interest some, worry ...

  5. Red Hat Launches New Certification Program to Support the Future of Telecommunications Innovations

    The Red Hat Certified Architect Program in Telco Cloud is designed to help engineers develop the necessary skills for building and maintaining core-to-edge telecommunications clouds

  6. Red Hat Open Innovation Labs

    Transform your business with Red Hat Open Innovation Labs. 

  7. Intermountain Healthcare automates IT, delivers innovative patient services faster

    Intermountain Healthcare upgraded its aging IT infrastructure to reduce costs and quickly create and launch innovative patient services.

  8. Expanding your cloud with containers for quick, responsive innovation

    Increasingly, more organizations are looking to easily build cloud-native applications, deploy them, and manage workloads across a hybrid cloud without sacrificing existing investments. The promis ...

  9. Higher education students benefit from low-cost access to innovative IT in India

    Learn how students at SRM, Silver Oak, and Arya College gained new technology skills with Red Hat Academy.

  10. Higher education students benefit from low-cost access to innovative IT

    Learn how students at Universitas Multimedia Nusantara, North Metropolitan TAFE, and Iwasaki Gakuen gained new technology skills with Red Hat Academy.

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