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  1. The Kubernetes privilege escalation flaw: Innovation still needs IT security expertise


    Editorial Note: While not fully discussed in this post, there is a component to this vulnerability that results in unauthenticated remote code execution, in addition to the privilege escalation no ...

  2. offers innovative services faster with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, one of Europe’s largest online retailers, focuses on its customer experience and relies on a culture of relentless improvement, including testing new ideas. When its legacy IT environme ...

  3. UKCloud supports public sector cloud innovation with Red Hat

    Learn how UKCloud supports public sector cloud innovation with an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform based on Red Hat OpenStack Platform.

  4. Open Innovation Labs e-book

    Catalyze innovation. Jump-start modern application development. Learn to build software the Red Hat way. Let Red Hat Open Innovation Labs help you.

  5. Simplifying virtualization while innovating with Red Hat testimonials

    See 15 customers who are using Red Hat Virtualization and 4 of them share how it's helping their business and why they chose Red Hat.

  6. Innovate with Red hat Virtualization infographic

    Red Hat Virtualization takes you beyond bare metal to an open, agile foundation ready to take on the future. Learn all about it in this infographic.

  7. Innovate faster with a managed container solution from Red Hat and Rackspace

    Learn how Rackspace Managed Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform helps organizations rapidly and consistently deliver new services to customers.

  8. Fueling open innovation in banking analyst paper

    Learn about blockchain, cloud, and how open source impacts banking in this interview of 2 Red Hatters by

  9. Erste Financial Services supports innovative IT Services with Red Hat

    Learn how Erste Financial Services improved middleware costs and gained support for more dynamic, innovative services by migrating from IBM to Red Hat.

  10. Digital innovation through agile integration

    Digital transformation requires a more agile approach to enterprise integration. Download the whitepaper to find out how.

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