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  1. Red Hat Supports Rakuten Mobile Network’s End-to-End Cloud-Native Mobile Network with Open Source Technologies

    Mobile market disruptor lays core-to-edge network foundation with Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud technologies, including Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Enterprise Linux

  2. Red Hat Engages Partners in EMEA with Mobile Masterclass Featuring the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform – Enterprise Mobility Insights

      Last week, Red Hat hosted a 3-day Mobile Masterclass in Frankfurt, Germany for more than 75 people representing 33 EMEA partners. Partners included global and regional System Integrators, Re…

  3. Mobile Apps versus Mobile Projects – Enterprise Mobility Insights

    In my interactions with customers trying to mobilize their enterprise applications and their workforce, especially the ones starting on this journey, one of the common thread that I come across is …

  4. Mobile and Cloud: Friends in high places with Red Hat Mobile Application Platform – Enterprise Mobility Insights

    Over two years ago I wrote about the intersection of mobile and cloud. Since then the relevance of these two technologies continues to be critical to business and IT strategy.  

  5. RHEL 8 Beta - Managing the RHEL 8 Beta From Your Mobile Device

    Join Red Hat Senior Technical Account Manager Brian Smith as he demonstrates how to manage the RHEL 8 Beta from your mobile device.

  6. Managing RHEL 8 from your Mobile Device with the Web Console


    In RHEL 8 Beta, the Web Console brings a number of improvements. This includes features such as managing the firewall, and expanding filesystems. In addition, the Web Console is now compatible wit ...

  7. Developing Mobile Applications using TypeScript on Red Hat Mobile Application Platform - RHD Blog

    As of its release 2.19, the Red Hat Mobile JavaScript Client SDK contains a TypeScript definition file. By providing type definitions our JavaScript SDK can easily be used in applications develope ...

  8. Building mobile apps on OpenShift Container Platform using Red Hat Mobile Application Platform

    This video provides a walkthrough of the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform running on OpenShift Container Platform, demonstrating how mobile applications can be built quickly and deployed to Ope ...

  9. The AI Ocean: How AI applications will travel and thrive in mobile networks


    It’s been the stuff of science fiction and our imagination for years, but artificial intelligence (AI) is finally getting its due. Already used to express and understand human speech, drive autono ...

  10. Recap: Red Hat at Mobile World Congress 2017


    Four days. As many as 100,000 attendees from 200 countries. And more than 2,200 exhibitors, including Red Hat. This is Mobile World Congress 2017. At the conference, which got its start in 1987 as ...

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