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  1. Red Hat Engages Partners in EMEA with Mobile Masterclass Featuring the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform – Enterprise Mobility Insights

      Last week, Red Hat hosted a 3-day Mobile Masterclass in Frankfurt, Germany for more than 75 people representing 33 EMEA partners. Partners included global and regional System Integrators, Re…

  2. Mobile Apps versus Mobile Projects – Enterprise Mobility Insights

    In my interactions with customers trying to mobilize their enterprise applications and their workforce, especially the ones starting on this journey, one of the common thread that I come across is …

  3. Red Hat launches mobile app to enable partners to save time and build connections


    Like a lot of people, our Red Hat partners are busy and they are looking for ways to be more efficient. Gone are the days when they would spend most of their time in a traditional brick and mortar ...

  4. Mobile and Cloud: Friends in high places with Red Hat Mobile Application Platform – Enterprise Mobility Insights

    Over two years ago I wrote about the intersection of mobile and cloud. Since then the relevance of these two technologies continues to be critical to business and IT strategy.  

  5. Mobile Portfolio Center in Durham, NC

    Red Hat Mobile Portfolio Center is coming to Durham, NC on November 1. Join us on our rolling innovation center. Register today!

  6. The Mobile Virtual Central Office

    Red Hat has been working on the Virtual Central Office (VCO) and now it’s turning its attention to developing a mobile architecture for it in time for 5G.

  7. Open Source. Open Road. Red Hat Mobile Portfolio Center

    Open source hits the open road with the Red Hat® mobile portfolio center, featuring Red Hat solution demos—on Intel hardware—in a self-contained, 18-wheel semi truck. When parked, the truck expand ...

  8. The Mobile Outlook: Line of Business Mobile Survey 2016

    Results of the survey conducted with lines of business about the state of enterprise mobility and how it is expected to evolve.

  9. Red Hat and Affirmed Networks NFV performance benchmark for mobile packet core

    Affirmed Networks and Red Hat implement and test an NFV solution for mobile packet core functions, establishing a new performance benchmark.

  10. Building mobile apps on OpenShift Container Platform using Red Hat Mobile Application Platform

    This video provides a walkthrough of the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform running on OpenShift Container Platform, demonstrating how mobile applications can be built quickly and deployed to Ope ...

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