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  1. ONS Europe: Open source is core to Telco modernization projects


    Service providers around the world are modernizing their networks, and open source has been core to their digital transformation. Nowhere was that more apparent than at last week’s Open Networking ...

  2. 2018: The year of open source networking for CSPs


    The communications service provider (CSP) industry continues to show signs of disruption and transformation. Many CSPs are abandoning the closed, proprietary infrastructures of the past for more a ...

  3. Modernize financial services with open source


    As I was compiling all of the fantastic stories from financial institutions that Red Hat has partnered with to transform their business, I was in awe of the depth and breadth by which we are able ...

  4. Modern applications and open source: a path to success for financial institutions


    Financial services is becoming a digital business, and that digital heartbeat brings with it many opportunities as well as significant challenges. Clients today are much savvier and have higher ex ...

  5. Singapore ISP MyRepublic modernizes IT architecture with open source cloud


    When MyRepublic decided to overhaul its legacy IT architecture, it went all out for open source. The internet service provider (ISP), based in Singapore, chose Red Hat OpenStack Platform for its I ...

  6. Straight outta Red Hat Summit: 3 tips to transform health IT with open source


    Open source is fueling innovation across all aspects of healthcare today. As we shift toward value-based care, healthcare organizations (HCOs) are finding innovative ways to leverage new and emerg ...

  7. Network solution providers: realizing the promise of open source network transformation


    Red Hat recognizes that the array of solutions providers across the telco landscape is changing. The era of 'black boxes' appears to be coming to an end - and open source is helping to unleash a t ...

  8. Open source, NFV, and containerization hold promise for next-gen TV, video, and media


    As traditional cable, satellite, and terrestrial TV are challenged by over-the-top (OTT), internet protocol television (IPTV), and video-on-demand services -- made even more challenging by higher- ...

  9. Open Source Stories: Like Rockets

    What’s lost when a school disappears for a decade? That's what Franklin Middle School’s principal faced in 2015. The answer only raised more questions.

  10. Open Source Stories: Like Rockets - Failing Forward

    For Taylor, as for the other students in the Futureboys & Girls, learning to embrace failure isn’t easy. But it’s an important part of becoming a leader.

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