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  1. Now available on OpenStack 13 – Red Hat OpenStack Administration I: Core Operations for Cloud Operators (CL110) – Red Hat Services Speak

    With the June 2018 release of Red Hat OpenStack® Platform 13, you can build an on-premise cloud environment designed to accelerate your business, innovate faster, and empower your IT teams. This ve…

  2. Virtualize your OpenStack control plane with Red Hat Virtualization and Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13 – Red Hat Stack

    With the release of Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13 (Queens) we’ve added support to Red Hat OpenStack Platform director to deploy the overcloud controllers as virtual machines in a Red Hat Virtualiz ...

  3. Red Hat OpenStack 14 now generally available


    Red Hat OpenStack Platform 14 is now generally available. We announced plans for the release in November 2018 during OpenStack Summit in Berlin, where Red Hat led more than 40 sessions including w ...

  4. Learn how to manage OpenStack with Ansible, this year at OpenStack Summit – Red Hat Services Speak

    Next week in Vancouver, Canada thousands of OpenStack users will meet at the seventeenth annual OpenStack Summit. This year will expand beyond OpenStack to cover topics like CI/CD, container infras…

  5. Red Hat OpenStack Platform: Maximize your cloud evaluation

    Learn how to maximize your evaluation of Red Hat OpenStack Platform using top features, functionality, and use cases.

  6. Red Hat OpenStack Administration I (CL110) course datasheet

    Red Hat OpenStack Administration I is for sys admins who are intend to implement a cloud computing environment using Red Hat OpenStack Platform.

  7. Red Hat OpenStack Platform and making it easier to manage bare metal


    Bare metal is making a comeback. At Red Hat we have been observing an increase of the use of bare metal in general. And we aren’t the only ones. In 2017’s OpenStack User Survey there had been a gr ...

  8. Red Hat and Big Switch: Simple OpenStack networking

    Red Hat and Big Switch Networks offer an integrated, turnkey fabric solution for OpenStack that simplifies and automates network installation, configuration, and management.

  9. Red Hat OpenStack Platform — A cost-effective private cloud for your business

    Cost-effective private cloud

  10. OpenStack Neutron and Software Defined Networking

    This paper explores the pluggable networking architecture of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® OpenStack® Platform. Learn about the different types and certified plugins.

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