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  1. Now available on OpenStack 13 – Red Hat OpenStack Administration I: Core Operations for Cloud Operators (CL110) – Red Hat Services Speak

    With the June 2018 release of Red Hat OpenStack® Platform 13, you can build an on-premise cloud environment designed to accelerate your business, innovate faster, and empower your IT teams. This ve…

  2. Virtualize your OpenStack control plane with Red Hat Virtualization and Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13 – Red Hat Stack

    With the release of Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13 (Queens) we’ve added support to Red Hat OpenStack Platform director to deploy the overcloud controllers as virtual machines in a Red Hat Virtualiz ...

  3. Learn how to manage OpenStack with Ansible, this year at OpenStack Summit – Red Hat Services Speak

    Next week in Vancouver, Canada thousands of OpenStack users will meet at the seventeenth annual OpenStack Summit. This year will expand beyond OpenStack to cover topics like CI/CD, container infras…

  4. Red Hat Drives Unified Foundation for Kubernetes and Virtual Machines with Red Hat OpenStack Platform 14

    Red Hat OpenStack Platform 14 brings tighter integration with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, bare metal management capabilities and automation to reduce infrastructure complexity.

  5. What's the reality of OpenStack and public cloud?


    My colleague, Margaret Dawson, spends a lot of time talking with customers. And in those conversations, questions about cloud and OpenStack invariably come up. She shared this message a while back ...

  6. Telecom at OpenStack Summit: Here’s what not to miss at the show – Vertical Industries Blog

    Join Red Hat’s telecommunications team at OpenStack Summit Berlin, November 13-15, to learn about virtual central office (VCO), open platform for network functions virtualization (OPNFV), smart Ope…

  7. OpenStack Summit Berlin

    Join Red Hat at OpenStack Summit in Berlin, Germany from November 13-15, 2018.

  8. Understanding OpenStack

    Need to know more about OpenStack? Learn how it's used to deploy the tools you need, when you need them.

  9. Red Hat OpenStack Platform

    Red Hat OpenStack Platform delivers core Infrastructure-as-a-Service and more for your infrastructure for your private or public cloud.

  10. Enterprise grade management for OpenStack

    To deploy and manage Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® OpenStack® Platform you need the right balance between user control and user autonomy. Red Hat CloudForms provides essential enterprise-level manage ...

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