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  1. Repost: A Beginners Guide to Understanding OpenStack


    Originally posted on February 27, 2014.A great post by Jason Hibbets, detailing resources to help answer questions around:What is OpenStack?OpenStack contributions and communityOpenStack technolog ...

  2. OpenStack Services Integration: Pros and Cons


    As many of you know, OpenStack is a fully distributed system. As such, it keeps its services (nova, glance, cinder, keystone, etc ) as decoupled as possible and tries to stick to most of the distr ...

  3. An Icehouse Sneak Peek - OpenStack Compute (Nova)


    It seems like it was only yesterday that the OpenStack community found itself gathering in Hong Kong to set the design goals for the Icehouse release. As we entered March development was still pro ...

  4. Preparing for the Worst Case Scenario: A Vision for OpenStack Disaster Recovery


    In a time where the rules of Enterprise IT are constantly changing and every day there seems to be a new app born in the cloud, we must not forget to ask ourselves what are the challenges we face ...

  5. Repost: Building the Industry's Broadest OpenStack Ecosystem: A Decade in the Making


    By Mike Werner, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Red HatOriginally posted on February 18, 2014Red Hat's Mike Werner reflects on our OpenStack partner ecosystem.Read the full post: http://www.redha ...

  6. OpenStack Summit, Atlanta 2014: Year of the superuser?


    The OpenStack community gathered recently in Atlanta to define the roadmap for the upcoming Juno release cycle and reflect on Icehouse. Icehouse is the release that forms the basis of the upcoming ...

  7. OpenStack/Glance: Red Hat stands behind the code


  8. OpenStack/Horizon: Red Hat stands behind the code


  9. OpenStack/Keystone: Red Hat stands behind the code


  10. OpenStack/Neutron: Red Hat stands behind the code


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