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  1. 2013 OpenStack Summit Hong Kong: Recap video


  2. OpenStack/Heat: Red Hat stands behind the code


  3. OpenStack/Cinder: Red Hat stands behind the code


  4. OpenStack/Ceilometer: Red Hat stands behind the code


  5. OpenStack/Marconi: Red Hat stands behind the code


  6. OpenStack/GlusterFS: Red Hat stands behind the code


  7. OpenStack Summit Paris: Agenda Confirms 22 Red Hat Sessions


    As this Fall's OpenStack Summit in Paris approaches, the Foundation has posted the session agenda, outlining the schedule of events. With an astonishing 1,100+ sessions submitted for review, I was ...

  8. OpenStack Resources for the vAdmin


    Across many enterprise organizations, IT is driving innovation that allows companies to be more agile and gain a competitive edge. These are exciting times for the Vadmins who are at the center of ...

  9. Simplifying and Accelerating the Deployment of OpenStack Network Infrastructure


    ]]The energy from the latest OpenStack Summit in Paris is still in the air. Its record attendance and vibrant interactions are a testimony of the maturity and adoption of OpenStack across continen ...

  10. Red Hat OpenStack Training & Certification


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