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  1. OpenStack/Solum: Red Hat stands behind the code


  2. From community to enterprise-ready: Red Hat's momentum with OpenStack


  3. Simplifying and Accelerating the Deployment of OpenStack Network Infrastructure


    ]]The energy from the latest OpenStack Summit in Paris is still in the air. Its record attendance and vibrant interactions are a testimony of the maturity and adoption of OpenStack across continen ...

  4. Dell and Red Hat cloud solutions powered by OpenStack


  5. IT Professionals worldwide are getting certified on Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform



  6. OpenStack Summit Vancouver: Agenda Confirms 40+ Red Hat Sessions


    As this Spring's OpenStack Summit in Vancouver approaches, the Foundation has now posted the session agenda, outlining the final schedule of events. I am very pleased to report that Red Hat and eN ...

  7. Celebrating Kubernetes 1.0 and the future of container management on OpenStack


    This week, together with Google and others we celebrated the launch of Kubernetes 1.0 at OSCON in Portland as well as the launch of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation or CNCF ( ...

  8. Co-Engineered Together: OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Enterprise Linux


    OpenStack is not a software application that just runs on top of any random Linux. OpenStack is tightly coupled to the operating system it runs on and choosing the right Linux  operating system, a ...

  9. Red Hat, Nuage Networks, OpenStack, and KISS


    ]]The reality is that IT is serious money – IDC estimates that the Internet of Things (IoT) market alone will hit $7.1 trillion by 2020!  But a lot of that money is due to the IT industry practice ...

  10. A Closer Look at RHEL OpenStack Platform 6


    Last week we announced the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 6, the latest version of our cloud solution providing a foundation for production-ready cloud. Built on Red Hat En ...

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