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  1. True PaaS: What users need to succeed in the cloud


    The market’s interest in all things cloud has recently exploded and organizations are beginning their early deployments of cloud computing. True cloud concepts, known under many different names, h ...

  2. AppAgile from Deutsche Telekom: Managed cloud services on OpenShift: Accelerate PaaS adoption for enterprises

    It is easy to deploy OpenShift once – but it’s hard to set it up production ready for enterprises, deal with new versions, security, changes etc. within an enterprise environment.

  3. Dude, where’s my PaaS memory? Tuning Java’s footprint in OpenShift (Part 2) - RHD Blog

    Continued from part 1. The test web service The test web service implements a simple file cache storing up to 10 copies of any given named file. Uploading copies beyond the 10th one causes the old ...

  4. Build your next cloud-based PaaS in under an hour - RHD Blog

    The charter of Open Innovation Labs is to help our customers accelerate application development and realize the latest advancements in software delivery, by providing skills, mentoring, and tools. ...

  5. Migracja aplikacji non PaaS do Red Hat OpenShifta - wyzwania, problemy, obejścia

    Jak zmigrować aplikację non PaaS, stworzoną, rozwijaną w tradycyjnym środowisku,aby działała prawidłowo na ? Jakie są możliwe problemy podczas migracji oprogramowania i uruchamiania go w kontenerach?

  6. Red Hat Forum United Kingdom 2018

    Ideas worth exploring. Come with questions. Leave with ideas.

  7. Using JBoss DataGrid in Openshift PaaS - RHD Blog

    This article describes how to run a client-server application for JBoss Data Grid on Openshift using Red Hat Container Development Kit 3.0 Beta and Minishift. This environment for this tutorial ca ...

  8. eww ITandTEL builds high-performance PaaS environment with Red Hat

    Learn how network operator and IT service provider eww ITandTEL deployed a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for cloud-based services using Red Hat technology.

  9. Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization on OpenShift: Part 4 – Bringing data from outside to inside the PaaS – RHD Blog

    Welcome to part 4 of Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization (JDV) running on OpenShift. JDV is a lean, virtual data integration solution that unlocks trapped data and delivers it as easily consumable, u…

  10. Transforming organizational culture with PaaS

    How to successfully implement DevOps and agile methodologies that prepare your culture for change

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