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  1. Five pillars for security resiliency whitepaper

    Red Hat has identified five security “pillars” that are essential for building a resilient federal organization with secure digital environments.

  2. Red Hat Certified Specialist in Security: Linux

    A Red Hat Certified Specialist in Security: Linux is able to secure Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems and enforce compliance with security policies.

  3. The Kubernetes privilege escalation flaw: Innovation still needs IT security expertise


    Today, we issued a critical Security Advisory and patches for CVE-2018-1002105, a privilege escalation flaw impacting Kubernetes. The Kubernetes privilege escalation flaw provides an example of ho ...

  4. Security approaches for open hybrid clouds in government

    Government agencies depend on the ability to effectively share and utilize data, deploy digital services, and pool IT resources.

  5. Ten layers of container security

    Containers make it easy to ensure consistency across environments and multiple deployment targets like physical servers, virtual machines, and private or public clouds. But, enterprises require st ...

  6. Securely automating connected retail business IDC whitepaper

    This IDC whitepaper examines the need for an open technology platform to support the digital transformation taking place in the retail industry.

  7. FI-TS provides SAP in the cloud securely thanks to Red Hat Virtualization

    The combination of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and the Cisco UCS platform allows FI-TS to provide financial service providers with an SAP environment in the cloud that helps them significant ...

  8. Enhance container security with Red Hat and Black Duck

    Learn how Red Hat and Black Duck have partnered to provide a scalable security solution for containerized application delivery.

  9. Continuous compliance solution strengthens infrastructure security

    Learn how the Red Hat continuous compliance solution strengthens government agencies’ defensive security posture through automation and orchestration.

  10. OPEN FIRST: Building a foundation for choice and security

    Open First Government Mini Symposium New York December 12

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