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  1. Why software-defined storage is the future

    Trying to persuade your boss that software-defined storage is right for your organization? Get all the right information to make your case.

  2. Red Hat Software-Defined Storage and Automation Workshop - Melbourne, FL - February 20

    In this one-day event, learn how to automate all things with Ansible and Ansible Tower as well as why Software-Defined Storage is rapidly replacing traditional appliances for data storage.

  3. IDC: Using software-defined storage to accelerate IT transformation

    IDC forecasts that by 2021, 50% of global GDP will be digitized. Data is a new form of capital, and software-defined storage across hybrid and multicloud environments is key to success.

  4. OpenStack Neutron and Software Defined Networking

    This paper explores the pluggable networking architecture of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® OpenStack® Platform. Learn about the different types and certified plugins.

  5. IDC: The Economics of Software-Defined Storage whitepaper

    Software-defined storage brings several benefits. It's the next step in the shift to a software-defined datacenter. Learn more in this whitepaper.

  6. DevOps: A smarter strategy for software development in government IT

    Embracing DevOps in government IT and pairing it with modern solutions like microservices and containers to deliver digital services faster than ever.

  7. Best Practices for Getting Started with Software-Defined Storage

    A step-by-step guide for adopting software-defined storage as part of a practical, proactive strategy for managing enterprise data.

  8. Get open, software-defined storage with Red Hat Gluster Storage

    Red Hat Gluster Storage (formerly known as Red Hat Storage Server) is open, scalable, software-defined storage at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. Learn more.

  9. Monotype Software License Agreement

    Policies and Guidelines

  10. Modernizing datacenters with software-defined storage

    Modernizing datacenters with software-defined storage

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