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  1. IDC: Modernizing Datacenters with Software-Defined Storage

    Proprietary, appliance-based storage offerings are no longer a viable option enterprises datacenter modernization. Download the IDC report to learn more.

  2. Proof of Concept: UNICEF, Red Hat + software for social good

    Proof of Concept is a video series from Red Hat that shows what happens when UNICEF Innovation engages in an 8-week Open Innovation Labs residency.

  3. legal | macromedia software license agreement

    Policies and Guidelines

  4. Intuit improves availability and performance of tax software

    Using Red Hat® Gluster Storage, Intuit ensures its tax preparation application doesn't slow down or crash during the U.S. tax season.

  5. Red Hat Software Collections

    Easy access to advancements in runtime technologies leads to more innovative applications. Red Hat Software Collections delivers the latest stable versions of dynamic languages, open source databa ...

  6. Choosing software-defined storage over legacy storage appliances

    Software-defined storage solutions like Red Hat Gluster Storage are a compelling new way forward without traditional limitations.

  7. The Forrester New Wave: Enterprise Container Platform Software Suites, Q4 2018

    Forrester’s evaluation of enterprise container platform software suites. The 8 most significant providers compared against 10 criteria.

  8. Red Hat among vendors that lead the pack: Forrester New Wave for enterprise container platform software


    Over the past three years, we’ve worked hard to help make containers and Kubernetes an enterprise-ready technology, one that’s not only flexible and scalable to support the growth of cloud-native ...

  9. Hybrid cloud elevates importance of true software defined infrastructure

    More than anything, says Ranga Rangachari VP and GM, Storage at Red Hat, CSPs need to  to ensure that customers’ applications are portable across a variety of both private and public clouds.

  10. Designing a better user experience for open source software


    For the past few months, I’ve contributed to ChRIS (Childrens’ Research Integration Service) as a user experience (UX) designer.ChRIS is a cloud-based, open source framework for processing medical ...

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