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  1. Université de Lorraine gains scalable research data storage with Red Hat Ceph Storage

    Learn how Université de Lorraine stores and protects data for its 65 research laboratories with robust, scalable Red Hat Ceph Storage.

  2. Leverage your existing storage investments with container-native storage – Red Hat Storage

    By Sayandeb Saha, Director, Product Management The Container-Native Storage (CNS) offering for OpenShift Container Platform from Red Hat has seen wide customer adoption in the past year or so. Cust…

  3. Choosing software-defined storage over legacy storage appliances

    Software-defined storage solutions like Red Hat Gluster Storage are a compelling new way forward without traditional limitations.

  4. Five reasons you need to change your data storage—now – Red Hat Storage

    By Terry L. Smith, Senior Director, Penguin Computing’s Advanced Solutions Group Transformation of the data storage industry in recent years has been dramatic. We’ve seen the developmen…

  5. Running OpenShift Container Storage 3.10 with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3.10 – Red Hat Storage

    By Annette Clewett and Jose A. Rivera With the release of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3.10, we’ve officially rebranded what used to be referred to as Red Hat Container-Native Storage…

  6. Storage Use Case: Object Storage

    Balance complexity with cost and scale up to meet your object storage needs with Red Hat Ceph Storage. See how.

  7. Improved volume management for Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage 3.10 – Red Hat Storage

    By Annette Clewett and Husnain Bustam Hopefully by now you’ve seen that with the release of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3.10 we’ve rebranded our container-native storage (CNS) …

  8. Introducing Red Hat Gluster Storage 3.4: Feature overview – Red Hat Storage

    By Anand Paladugu, Principal Product Manager We’re pleased to announce that Red Hat Gluster Storage 3.4 is now Generally Available! Since this release is a full rebase with the upstream, it c…

  9. Get open, software-defined storage with Red Hat Gluster Storage

    Red Hat Gluster Storage (formerly known as Red Hat Storage Server) is open, scalable, software-defined storage at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. Learn more.

  10. File storage, block storage, or object storage?

    Learn the differences between file, block, and object storage and how to choose a storage solution best suited to your needs.

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