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Red Hat Certified Datacenter Specialist

The RHCDS program has been discontinued. Please see the Certification Changes FAQ for more information.

A Red Hat® Certified Datacenter Specialist (RHCDS) is a Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) whose certification status with Red Hat is current and who has earned the following Red Hat certifications and Certificates of Expertise:

Certification details

Prove your skills and knowledge

To become certified as an RHCDS, an RHCE has to demonstrate skills that are particularly useful in datacenter environments, such as systems deployment, systems management, clustering, and storage management.

However, the RHCDS certification offers the flexibility to demonstrate additional skills in either directory services and authentication or in managing virtualized systems. Consequently, an RHCDS will have many, but not necessarily all, of the following skills:

  • Installing and configuring a Red Hat Network Satellite server
  • Configuring users, groups, administrators, and activation keys on a Satellite
  • Creating base and child channels on a Satellite
  • Using Cobbler and Satellite to install, configure, and manage systems
  • Managing data using logical volumes and snapshots
  • Configuring high-availability clusters using physical or virtual systems
  • Configuring a GFS file system to meet performance, size, and quota objectives
  • Configuring iSCSI targets and initiators
  • Configuring a Kerberos realm

Is this certification right for you?

The following audiences may be interested in earning the Red Hat Certified Datacenter Specialist:

  • Red Hat Certified Professionals who wish to demonstrate their knowledge and skills with using Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, Red Hat Satellite Server, Red Hat Directory Server, Red Hat Virtualization, and the Red Hat High Availability Add-on.

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