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Red Hat Open Innovation Labs

We help you translate ideas into innovation by incorporating open processes, culture, and technology into the way your teams work to build business resilience.

What you can expect

We’ll connect you and your team with processes, tools, and the Red Hat experts who can help you use them to ramp up the pace of innovation.

How it works

How it works

Using open in the open

When it comes to fostering innovation, we recognize that carefully crafting the physical environment is as important as the framework and the team. In this transparent and open space, your residency will align cross-functional teams to shared goals and boost work visualization—then equip them with the best of open source tooling.

Since your residency is not locked into a prescribed group of methods or practices, you’ll be able to identify and chart the best path forward as a team.

How it works

Building trust to pursue innovation

Over the course of 1-3 months of intensive collaboration at a location of your choosing, the team will tackle a real problem that your company faces, identifying potential solutions through tools like event storming and impact mapping.

A social contract, pairing, mentoring, and other practices that are captured in the Open Practice Library will help cultivate transparency and trust on the team, essential ingredients for successful team forming.

How it works

Experimenting quickly to pivot toward success

Your team will work incrementally, using tools like our push-button infrastructure, which is automated by Ansible Playbooks to allow for rapid development and experimentation.

By solving one problem at a time on one technology at a time, your residency will break big ideas into small tasks as you build toward an integrated solution to demo to sponsors.

How it works

Incorporating feedback to hone your solution

We host Demo Days at the close of every residency to ensure the team is presenting to and getting ideas from the right stakeholders. This opportunity allows your team to share your progress while capturing learning opportunities and backlog ideas.

Armed with this instant and honest input, your team will start to build a roadmap for bringing your product to life.

How it works

Extending knowledge to scale for the future

The roadmap is supplemented by mentorship and enablement resources, including a Red Hat Learning Subscription . This benefit provides a year of unlimited, on-demand access to all Red Hat training courses, so you can add practical skills to the hands-on learning you’ve experienced through your residency.

By sharing this knowledge, you’ll enable and engage other teams to develop an approach that can be scaled throughout your business to proactively address other challenges.

How our customers bring innovation to life

We work with companies of all sizes and industries to address their business challenges.

Santander Tecnologia partnered with our team to instill a new culture and mindset, paving the way to automate their onboarding chain and reduce time to market.

Via Varejo, one of Brazil’s largest retailers, teamed up with us to learn agile and DevOps approaches that could be used to improve customer experience.

Working with our team, Lockheed Martin transformed its culture, accelerated application delivery, and improved business forecasting abilities.

ANZ Bank collaborated with us to build the technical and agile foundations needed to implement workflow automation, leading to dramatic time savings.

Use collaborative tools and resources to start your journey

Push-button infrastructure

Navigate our interactive menu to identify the right mix of technologies to fit your app development needs.

Open Practice Library

Browse and contribute to the set of tools we use to help teams like yours build software.

DevOps training course

Take DevOps Culture and Practice Enablement (DO500) to find out how best to apply open strategies within a DevOps environment.


Get your teams ready to innovate

Getting your IT organization moving fast takes more than just code—you must rethink the way your teams work, with a collection of processes and tools developed by a collaborative global community. Open Innovation Labs connects Red Hat’s understanding of industry best practices with your chosen goals in an immersive residency program designed to improve your business.

Connect with the people that turn ideas into innovation

Our open source communities are a hotbed of idea exchange and discussion surrounding best practices. Check out the latest discussions and get involved.

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