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Deploy an OpenStack-based cloud in your organization and take on new IT Challenges

Train and certify with the open source leader.

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Use our OpenStack curriculum to build your skills

As the need for reliable cloud foundations with key security features rises, enterprises are looking for operators and administrators who can manage the adoption of OpenStack® technology. Our learning options can bolster your team and boost your career by helping to develop in-demand OpenStack knowledge.


Hands-on training, available worldwide

Lab-intensive training

Our OpenStack courses are conducted like guided labs, where your time is spent developing skills working directly on our products, gaining the practical experience that translates to your work.


Performance-based certification

Demonstrate your skills in real-world situations to become certified in your field.

Global reach

Red Hat currently offers 12 full days worth of OpenStack training—available in more countries.


Multiple ways to learn

Choose the course delivery style that works best for you: classroom, virtual classroom, Red Hat Online Learning, or on-site team training.

Red Hat Training

Understand OpenStack and its components, top to bottom

Red Hat OpenStack Technical Overview (CL010)
This free series of on-demand, online videos detail the basics of cloud computing and Red Hat OpenStack Platform. Through a number of demonstrations and use cases , you will develop a high level of understanding of Red Hat OpenStack Platform capabilities.

Red Hat OpenStack Administration I (CL110)
This course will teach students to install a proof-of-concept, configure, use, and maintain Red Hat OpenStack Platform. This course covers the core services: identity (Keystone), block storage (Cinder), image (Glance), networking (Neutron), compute and controller (Nova), and dashboard (Horizon).

Red Hat OpenStack Administration II: Day 2 Operations for Cloud Operators (CL210)
This course teaches system administrators how to implement a cloud computing environment using Red Hat OpenStack Platform, including installation, configuration, and maintenance. It contains content for both Red Hat OpenStack Administration I and II. The course can also help prepare students for the Red Hat Certified Specialist in Cloud Infrastructure exam (EX210).

Red Hat OpenStack Administration III: Networking & Foundations of NFV (CL310)
This course provides extensive hands-on training for experienced system administrators in how to use the distributed storage features of Red Hat Ceph Storage and the networking capabilities of OpenStack Neutron. The course can also help students prepare for the Red Hat Certified Specialist in Edge Computing and Networking exam (EX310).

Red Hat Certification

Succeed with your proven real-world skills

Our performance-based exams prove your ability to install, configure, manage, and more. Get ahead by demonstrating your OpenStack skills.

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Related Training Paths

Get trained on the tools you need to create a unified hybrid cloud infrastructure

As you embark on a training path for hybrid cloud, consider our other offerings that can work in concert with OpenStack to support hybrid environments. Red Hat CloudForms can unify public and private cloud administration, Red Hat OpenShift can help you easily move workloads to and from the public cloud, and Red Hat Ansible Automation can configure and orchestrate the cloud infrastructure.

Let us help you use all the clouds with the help of these training courses.


Red Hat OpenShift Administration II: Operating a Production Kubernetes Cluster (DO280)

Develop the skills needed to install, configure, and manage containers to reduce time to market and ensure continuous delivery.


Advanced Automation: Ansible Best Practices (DO447)

Learn better ways to automate tasks, handle complexity with advanced features, and enable scalable design through Red Hat Ansible® Automation.


Take the next step in improving your skills and abilities

Skills path

No matter your job role, we have recommended courses and exams to help you master the OpenStack curriculum.


Find out more about the benefits of OpenStack

Is OpenStack right for you?

How does OpenStack fit into the technology industry? How does it fit your business? Use insights from the latest news and industry updates to see how.

Take advantage of the cloud

Red Hat Consulting will help build a robust, flexible cloud computing infrastructure to lower cost of ownership (TCO), improve provisioning time, deliver services faster, and streamline processes.

What is Red Hat OpenStack Platform?

Discover how this product stands up to the demands of a production-scale environment and can meet your performance, scalability, and security standards.

Ready to advance your skills with OpenStack?

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