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Integration solutions

Bring your data together.
Set your business apart.

Modern IT scatters applications, data, services, and devices across environments. Only a flexible, distributed approach to integration and process automation can untangle such a complex ecosystem.

With Red Hat’s intelligent integration technologies and strategies, you can bring order to your environments and focus on serving customers.

Why integrate now?

The right architecture can coordinate disparate systems and prepare your IT enterprise for machine learning, the internet of things, and other emerging technologies. An agile integration approach connects diverse apps and data sources by bringing integration to every layer of your stack.

Agile integration graphic
Technology is just the start of successful integration

Technology is just the start of successful integration

Organizations that integrate effectively also adopt agile practices and shift their cultures. Learn more in this infographic.

Process automation is essential in a microservices world

Process automation is essential in a microservices world

Moving past monoliths creates new opportunities to innovate. Process automation lets IT seize them. See how in this analyst paper.

What's your integration challenge?

I need to integrate data from apps in every environment

Each customer interaction or functionality addition brings new information for your IT enterprise to process. Multiply that across your public cloud, private cloud, and on-prem systems, and your data quickly becomes more complex than a single integration team or technology can handle. You need integration tools and processes that reach across environments to build a true hybrid cloud.

Our integration solution bridges clouds by bringing APIs, data streaming, and lightweight, on-demand messaging to any environment. The result? Connected apps and data that satisfy your customers.

I need to use my data to make better decisions

Accessing and organizing your data are essential, but they’re not enough. Only acting on data (quickly and decisively) serves your customers. To do that, you need technologies that identify meaningful information and respond to it in real time.

With embedded, appropriate business logic, our process automation solution identifies useful data. It instantly and consistently executes the complex tasks―fraud detection, employee onboarding, credit checks, and more―that improve your customers’ experience.

Emirates NBD makes data more decisive with Red Hat

Emirates NBD, a Dubai-based bank, serves customers from Savile Row to Singapore. With cloud-native competitors on two continents, the company worked with Red Hat to build a faster, more flexible private cloud platform that partners and internal teams could access easily. Open source API management and integration tools let Emirates NBD assimilate data and act on it swiftly.

An agile IT team should build with agile architectures. Here’s your blueprint.