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Hybrid cloud solutions

Bridge your clouds.
Build your future.

Odds are your IT ecosystem sprawls across public and private clouds, bare-metal servers, and virtualized infrastructure. To make the most of those environments, you need to move applications and workloads across them.

Learn how Red Hat’s flexible hybrid cloud solutions can carry your business forward.

Why hybrid cloud?

Modern IT is hybrid IT. Your enterprise has infrastructure, platforms, apps, and tools from different vendors. Proprietary tools don’t talk to each other. And apps cross clouds slowly, weighed down by data. You need advancements in infrastructure, management, and development that bring your clouds together.

Hybrid cloud graphic

Having that solid foundation of [Red Hat Enterprise Linux]—in the cloud, on virtualized, on bare metal, and the public cloud—allows customers to go anywhere they want, any cloud they want, any type of application.”

Brian Gracely
Director of product strategy, Red Hat

On-demand virtual event

3 open secrets to a better hybrid cloud strategy

Learn how an open source approach to architecture, culture, and process allows apps–and ideas–to flow more consistently across hybrid clouds.


  • Open hybrid cloud: Bold goals for an open tomorrow
  • The secret to digital transformation is human connection
  • Creating application environments in open hybrid clouds

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Stefanie Chiras
Stefanie Chiras
Vice president and general manager, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Business Unit, Red Hat
Margaret Dawson
Margaret Dawson
Vice President, Portfolio Product Marketing, Red Hat
James Falkner
James Falkner
Technical Marketing Manager, Red Hat
Hybrid cloud strategy checklist

Hybrid cloud strategy checklist

Implementing cloud strategy takes a thoughtful, detailed approach. Stay on track with this handy checklist.

Hybrid cloud strategy for dummies

Hybrid cloud strategy for dummies

Get advice and information to help develop your cloud strategy―and get the most out of it.

What’s your hybrid cloud challenge?

I need containers to run anywhere―physical, virtual, and cloud―at scale

Red Hat® solutions—and services—can help you build, deploy, and manage containers uniformly across different IT environments.

Our solutions, with native Kubernetes orchestration, work in tandem with your operating systems, apps, and everything else in your stack. So you can trust that your apps work reliably in your private cloud, in the most popular public clouds, and in multicloud ecosystems.

Help your teams maximize the cloud—quickly and reliably.

I want to include public cloud in my strategy while keeping control

With Red Hat’s help, you can bring the public cloud swiftly into your infrastructure while still getting value from your existing investments. Our platforms and tools work reliably in any environment, adding the portability and flexibility of the public cloud to your current infrastructure.

Red Hat partners with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba, and other leading public cloud vendors to help you rapidly unite the public cloud with your infrastructure―so you can respond to change faster.

Red Hat + partners

Run your hybrid cloud how you want with a Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider.

Lufthansa Technik decreases delays with Red Hat

How do you reduce flight delays in 100 days? Lufthansa Technik, the commercial airline industry’s largest maintenance provider, did it with hybrid cloud. With Red Hat, Lufthansa Technik built AVIATAR, a digital platform that helps airlines make data-informed scheduling and maintenance decisions.

Add flexibility and scalability to your hybrid cloud strategy. We can help.