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Improve IT efficiency and reduce risk

Help your teams realize their full potential. Free up staff to do more creative work, faster, without risking stability. A holistic IT automation and management approach that spans your organization can help you keep up with demands and respond when it matters most.

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Red Hat‘s automation and management solutions help you:

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Deliver an automated IT infrastructure

Get better control over your existing and new IT environments. Improve the scale and complexity of IT operations—across your enterprise.

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Standardize and unify IT automation

Integrate and standardize all automation with a common platform. Reduce risk and easily scale across your entire IT infrastructure.

Cultural transformation with network automation at Microsoft

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Working with Red Hat® Consulting, Microsoft created standardized, centralized automation that reduces routine, repeatable tasks and complexity using Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform. This fostered a culture where DevOps teams focus on sharing knowledge, building skills, and creating innovative solutions.

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