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Automate your tech.
Strengthen your teams.

The elements of an IT ecosystem multiply faster than any human can handle. So do regulatory burdens and routine business processes. Intelligently deploy automation to allow your people to focus on customer demands.

With Red Hat automation solutions, you can tame your disparate environments and free your teams to deliver new capabilities and innovation for the business.

Why automate?

Your people are your competitive advantage, and they can’t focus on the future when they’re overburdened with manually updating, integrating data, maintaining compliance and security, and on and on and on.

Automation can help you make the most of new technology—allowing your teams to realize their full potential.

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Enterprise automation checklist

Enterprise automation checklist

An enterprise-wide automation strategy improves processes to execute your digital transformation. Move to a more automated environment with our checklist.

NetOps meets DevOps: The state of network automation

NetOps meets DevOps: The state of network automation

More than 400 IT DevOps and NetOps professionals gave insights about the current and future states of network automation. Peek into the future with this report.

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What's your automation challenge?

I need more IT agility and efficiency to gain better control of my environments

Relying on unconnected, ad-hoc tools to manage IT infrastructure and software deployment is a burden. You need a universal, repeatable way to codify and standardize these processes to take control across your hybrid environments.

IT automation from Red Hat helps you increase agility, scale, productivity, and efficiency while providing better control of existing and new IT environments.

I need my network devices to be more efficient, scalable, and compliant

Configuring, updating, and optimizing your network devices is a time-consuming, manual process. And your network teams already have enough to deal with.

Red Hat’s network automation solution lets you consistently configure, validate, and ensure continuous compliance for your physical network devices. Improve efficiency, manage and scale your devices, and validate changes to simplify the delivery of your network services.

Cultural transformation with network automation at Microsoft

Working closely with Red Hat Consulting, Microsoft created a standardized, centralized automation environment that reduces routine, repeatable tasks and complexity using Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform. This fostered a culture where DevOps teams focus on sharing knowledge, building skills, and creating innovative solutions.

Learn best practices and how to get started with automation