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I.T. optimization solutions

Get more from today.
Get ready for tomorrow.

Will the IT stack that supports your organization today be able to sustain it tomorrow? Optimize, and you can build what’s next while maintaining the systems that run your business.

By modernizing IT with Red Hat, our customers will free up US$7 billion this year to invest in innovation. Learn how.

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Why optimize now?

Every IT decision maker balances 2 major demands: keeping the lights on and illuminating a path to future innovations. Rigid, proprietary infrastructure tips the balance too far toward maintenance of legacy tools. To shift your focus to the future, you need to modernize what you have or migrate to flexible, stable, open platforms and tools.

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Linux, in general, is what’s driving the innovation of today. From virtualization to cloud to containers to Kubernetes, the reason why these platforms exist is because Linux existed. It’s still the foundation of everything you do.”

Paul Cormier
President and Chief Executive Officer, Red Hat

What’s your IT optimization challenge?

I need a simpler operating environment that doesn’t hold me back

Simplicity is the key to a more efficient, secure IT ecosystem. By standardizing your operating environment on Red Hat infrastructure, you can take control of cost and complexity.

Our solution brings order to your environment with scalable management and security. The result is a standardized platform across physical, virtual, private cloud, and public cloud environments that work as well with one another as they do with your existing technologies and processes.

I need an infrastructure platform that’s ready for the cloud

When bringing cloud functionality to your existing infrastructure isn’t enough, it’s time to prepare your infrastructure for a move to the cloud. With an open source platform from Red Hat, you can kick-start your enterprise’s digital transformation.

Our infrastructure migration solution starts with a cloud-ready platform and hyperconverged infrastructure. You’ll also get the expertise we’ve gained helping organizations break away from proprietary virtualization to create their cloud-native future.

Migration spurs innovation for Intermountain Healthcare

For Intermountain Healthcare, a zero-harm patient environment depends on a fast, flexible IT environment. By migrating to Red Hat virtualization and cloud management platforms, the Salt Lake City, Utah, healthcare system cut deployment times from weeks to hours. Those technical improvements let developers and operations teams meet clinical needs faster.

Our OS delivers a US$1 trillion benefit1 for Red Hat customers. What could it do for you?

1IDC whitepaper sponsored by Red Hat: “The Economic Impact of Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Trillions, Yes Trillions of Dollars.” May 2019.