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Transform operations with DevSecOps

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What is DevSecOps: The security basics

Why DevSecOps?

DevSecOps lives at the intersection of people, process, and technology. It’s an application development and operations culture that accelerates high-speed capability delivery while integrating security throughout the entire app life cycle.

For the Department of Defense (DoD), DevSecOps allows teams to rapidly deliver security-focused applications in alignment with mission objectives to protect the United States, its people, and its allies.

Red Hat has the DevSecOps expertise, commitment to full-stack security, and enterprise Kubernetes platform—Red Hat® OpenShift®—to help the DoD turn ideas into deployments that scale.

The DoD relies on Red Hat

U.S. Department Of Defense

Improving operations with agile methodologies

The Department of Defense worked with Red Hat Open Innovation Labs to improve squadron operations and flight training through human-centered design.

U.S. Navy

Transforming development through DevSecOps

Working with Red Hat, the U.S. Navy transformed how it develops and deploys software through its DevSecOps initiative, Compile to Combat in 24 Hours (C2C24).

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Create a trusted software supply chain

Developers, operators, stakeholders, and consumers need to know that they can trust the software being deployed. Creating a trusted software supply chain—the enforced process sequences in the development and deployment of software—is critical.

A software factory powered by Red Hat OpenShift is an assembly-line approach to application delivery that applies a sequence of processes, tools, and security checks at each stage in a development pipeline and production environment. It automates when possible and enables, accelerates, and enforces behaviors needed to adopt a culture of DevSecOps.

With Red Hat as a partner, you’ll get a trusted software supply chain that accelerates authority to operate (ATO) and rapidly fields mission capability.

Openshift graphic

Openshift graphic

Supply chain model

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Open solutions built for change

For more than 20 years, Red Hat has helped government agencies modernize existing systems, embrace emerging technology, and prepare for future demands. With flexible, open solutions, you can keep pace with the changing world.

Adopting DevSecOps:
Accelerating the delivery of mission capabilities to the warfighter

Learn how Red Hat supports DoD DevSecOps initiatives with open source solutions and a security-first approach to software development.

Topics include:

  • Improving security through automation
  • Tracking key DevSecOps metrics
  • Using centralized DoD repositories
  • Building a supply chain that complies with the DoD Enterprise DevSecOps Reference Design


John Osborne

John Osborne
Chief OpenShift Architect
Red Hat, Public Sector

Terrence Cort

Terrence Cort
Senior Infrastructure Consultant,
Red Hat, Southeast Sector

Why Red Hat?

Developing mission-relevant applications and getting them into production can be a slow process. Red Hat can help you create a strategy for your digital transformation journey. A DevSecOps approach to application development can help government IT become more agile and innovate faster.

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